Beware of Plagiarism & Fakers

Dear friends, The Classical Liberal Arts Academy has been and continues to be the only Catholic source for real classical Catholic education.  You can survey the homeschool publishing landscape today and see that no one else provides access to the classical Catholic curriculum used by the saints of Church history. In 2021, as we make the Academy’s curriculum content freely available to Catholic homeschool families, many will begin stealing our content and trying to make use of it for their own profit.  I can say this confidently because Catholic men have already done this in the past.  Many desire to … Continue

Understanding High School “Credits”

  As a homeschool parent, you are a school administrator.  Most homeschool parents don’t understand what homeschooling actually is, which is why they ask questions about accreditation, transcripts, grades, and so on. They seem to think that they need a school to provide records and verification for their children’s studies–as if they’re not in school. Your children ARE in school.  Your homeschool is a real school–as real and official as any school anywhere.  And you are the administrator of your homeschool school–as real and official as any school administrator anywhere. So, if you’re wondering about your children’s transcripts, looking around … Continue

Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur?

An image of Catholics burning books.

This morning, a website visitor wrote and asked, “Please direct me on your website to where I will find the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur for the written material presented in your educational programs and on your website.” I don’t know whether this was a sincere request or just a scrupulous individual being annoying, but I’m happy to respond. First of all, the question of “Church approval” is addresed in canons 822-832 in the Catholic Church’s Code of Canon Law. In Canon 822, we learn that the approval of Catholic books is a matter that concerns only the bishops of the … Continue

Plato on Moral Education

It’s common to hear homeschool parents speak about their plans to “raise saints”, but the results of 40+ years of homeschooling in America suggest we’re not doing that.  We may be raising children who have higher test scores than their public school peers, and children who do well avoid scandalous sins, and children who go to college, establish stable careers and start families–but there are scarcely any religious vocations being raised, and fewer “saints”. I’ll be the first to admit that we Catholics have greatly underestimated the difficulty of the task before us.  We have not prepared for the spiritual … Continue

How to Take Notes

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In my article, “How to Study for Mastery“, I provide a set of steps that will allow students to work through any lessons–and master them. One of the steps requires study and note-taking and parents and students frequently ask me, “How should we take notes?” In this article, I’ll answer that. Some Background Before I start this, I want to say that I figured this out on my own as a college student. I had to pay my way through college and that meant winning scholarships. To win scholarships, I needed perfect scores. I couldn’t get C’s or B’s. I … Continue

How to Read History

In another article, I explain, “How to Study for Mastery“, which is necessary for real arts and sciences that are worthy of mastery.  More recently I explained “Mastery vs. Familiarity” in studies.  The study of history belongs to both categories, for we would master as much as possible, but, because of the amount of material that is to be learned, we must patiently progress to that mastery over time–but make sure we acquire familiarity as soon as possible. Cicero said, “To not know what happened before one was born is to remain forever a child.”  In his day, he had … Continue

Douay-Rheims Bible on the CLAA Website

Dear friends, I’m happy to announce that I have published a complete copy of the Douay-Rheims Catholic Bible on the Classical Liberal Arts Academy website. This gives students access to a Catholic Bible whenever they need it, and the text of this online Bible will be incorporated into all of the CLAA’s online courses. CLAA Douay-Rheims Bible God bless, William C. Michael, Headmaster Classical Liberal Arts Academy

CLAA Sample Homeschool Schedule

A homeschool schedule used in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

Without question, the #1 question I receive from families starting in the CLAA is: “What type of schedule do you recommend for CLAA studies?” I have heard families using the Seton home school curriculum talking about having their daily homeschooling done in a few hours.  If that’s your goal–to get done quickly every day–fare well.  The reason such a schedule is possible is because Catholic homeschool families are taking the minimum standards of modern K-12 education and are making a rule of them. Modern K-12 requirements have nothing to do with Christian education, and we should be embarassed to even speak … Continue

Recommendation: “Christian Schools and Scholars”

Image of Sr. Augusta Theodosia Drane.

Dear friends, One of the surprising indirect benefits of the beginning of my formation as a lay Dominican has been the introduction to the writings of Dominicans throughout history on Catholic education. I was introduced to a book by a third order Dominican author named Augusta Theodosia Drane (right), titled “Christian Schools and Scholars“.  This book is a detailed history of Catholic education, from the apostolic age tot the first Vatican Council (1870). I have added this book to the Classical Catholic Library on the Classical Liberal Arts Academy website, and will be posting the content of the entire book. … Continue