The studies recommended by saints and wise men of the past are just a few clicks away in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s online catalog. If you would like to enroll in one or more self-paced courses, select Online Courses. If you’d like to purchase unlimited access to all of our courses for a fixed monthly payment, select Subscriptions. Before making any decisions, be sure to check our Special Offers.

Subscription Plans

To simplify enrollment and provide parents with a simple homeschool budget, we offer the following enrollment subscription plans. Each subscription includes free access to all approved courses.

Subscribers: If you have subscribed to one of our subscription programs above, simply enter the coupon code “subscriber” when requesting courses below to remove enrollment costs.

Online Courses

Students may be enrolled in individual, self-paced online courses at any time of the year, and they may take as much time as they need to complete them. Enrollment costs $125 per course and includes all necessary lesson content, live support, graded assessments and a student page to track progress. Our online courses are divided into five subject areas: Trivium, Quadrivium, Philosophy, Theology and Humanities.

I. Trivium

In the Trivium, students work to master the classical language arts–Grammar, Reasoning and Rhetoric. We offer Grammar courses in English, Latin, Greek and Hebrew and plan to offer additional courses in Spanish, French, Italian and German in the near future. Our students are taught the arts of Grammar, Reasoning and Rhetoric from the finest sources ever produced, including Alvarez’s Latin Grammar, Gretser’s Greek Grammar, Slaughter’s Hebrew Grammar, Aristotle’s Organon and Rhetoric, Cicero’s letters and rhetorical works and many others.

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II. Quadrivium

In the Quadrivium, students learn the classical mathematical arts–Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy–from their historic sources. We also offer courses to help classical students satisfy modern mathematics requirements in Arithmetic, Geometry and Algebra.

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III. Philosophy

In Philosophy, students work through Aristotelean Ethics, Physics and Metaphysics, with the option to also continue into the study of Platonic and Stoic philosophy. We offer courses for younger students as well.

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IV. Theology

In Theology, students are introduced to the systematic study of divine revelation. This revelation is contained for us in two sources: Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Young students begin with the Baltimore Catechism and Daily Scripture Reading and move up through the study of Sacred Scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the Summa Theologica.

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V. Humanities

In the Humanities, students enrich their classical Catholic studies with studies in History, Literature and the Fine Arts. These courses should never be allowed to distract students from their core classical and Catholic studies.

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Petty School

We offer a complete set of Petty School courses for young children (ages 4+) preparing for studies in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

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