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The first step in providing your children with a true classical Catholic education is to complete a free homeschool consultation with Academy headmaster William C. Michael. During this consultation, we will discuss your homeschool goals, map out a plan for your success, and get you started with a free course.

The Education of Wise Men and Saints

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy is the only place where Catholic students can enjoy the same education studied and taught by wise men and saints throughout history. We’ve worked for over 25 years to research, restore, publish and teach the classical Catholic curriculum and are eager to help you learn about it. Let’s go!

Don't Be Discouraged!

Modern schools and homeschool publishers mislead parents to sell their own programs by boasting of accreditation, but modern studies and accreditation are not necessary for college admission.  The best colleges and universities say so themselves–leaving no excuse for those who neglect classical Catholic studies.

"Since there are so many ways to pursue home schooling, we do not require the program be accredited...We look for students who have challenged themselves with rigorous study in a range of academic areas during their high school years."

Princeton University

"We do not require our homeschooled applicants to be part of an accredited program."

Catholic University of America

"It is not necessary to follow a prescribed or approved home-schooling program."

Stanford University

"We do not require a high school diploma or GED from our applicants…Homeschooled applicants, like all of our applicants, are considered within their context, which includes schooling choice, family situation, etc.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

There are no excuses for Catholic parents to give Catholic children a modern K-12 education instead of the classical Catholic curriculum studied and taught by saints and wise men throughout history.   Catholic parents should not allow anyone to tell them that they should settle for minimum secular school requirements, but should take their counsel from the wise men and saints of history.  We can help you do that.  

"When we began our homeschool journey, we knew we wanted to give our children a classical and Catholic education. After trying a program that claimed to be "classical", we felt something was missing and not exactly what we were looking for. We searched for another classical program and found the CLAA. It was and is exactly what we wanted for our children. It is truly a classical and Catholic program and our children have grown in so many ways through their studies. We have been using the program for 10 years and will continue using it for all of our children."

Catholic Homeschool Parent

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If you find this overview of the classical Catholic curriculum interesting, you’ve only scratched the surface.  If you’d like to learn more of the history and principles of classical Catholic education, you can do so in our free book, “Understanding Classical Catholic Education”.