Free Classical Studies for Catholic Homeschool Students

When we look back through history, we see a classical Catholic education and culture that doesn’t appear to be available today any longer among Catholic school or Catholic homeschool programs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

All of the benefits of classical Catholic education are available to Catholic schools and Catholic homeschool families in the 21st century–and more conveniently than ever. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we provide everything needed for classical Catholic education, including: online courses, assessment, record-keeping, training and support. You can provide your students with the same education that was enjoyed by saints and wise men through history.

Please browse our site and enjoy all of the resources available. If you would like to discuss how we can help solve problems you have in your Catholic school or Catholic homeschool, please contact me. My 25 years of experience and resources are at your service.

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Free Self-Paced, Online Courses for Catholic Students

Catholic school and Catholic homeschool students are welcome to enroll in our online courses, with interest and ability being the only admission requirements. Enrollment is free and includes everything needed for a classical Catholic education. All courses are self-paced, meaning that there are no deadlines or expiration dates. Students are free to study for mastery in every lesson of every subject, with access to their courses and support 365 days per year.

Subscription Plans for Catholic School and Homeschool Families

Paid enrollment provides students the benefits they need to progress quickly and confidently in their studies. Standard Plans offer students access to all Academy courses, online assessments, weekly assignment grading and live support. Premium Plans offer everything included in the standard plans, plus weekly tutoring meetings and daily assignment grading.

Academy Support Forums

Catholic homeschool parents and students have 24/7 access to Academy teachers, parents and students on the Academy Forums. Post questions on Catholic homeschooling in general and Academy courses in particular. Subscribe to our Academy YouTube channel and read posts on classical Catholic education. Discuss important issues in Catholic family life and classical education. All of this is available on the Academy forums.

Understanding Classical Catholic Education (Free Book)

While we provide the study materials and support they will need, it is important for parents to have a working understanding of what real classical Catholic education is. In 2009, Mr. Michael taught a course on the subject for Catholic parents, which was very popular. In 2020, Mr. Michael collected his lessons and made them available in a free book for Catholic parents, titled “Understanding Classical Catholic Education“.