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The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers the only real classical Catholic education available today–and much more.  Ours is the only program that allows homeschool families and private schools to enjoy the same classical Catholic education that has been studied and taught by wise men and saints through history–and we do so at a price that every family can afford.

Our curriculum provides a lifetime of content and students of all ages are welcome.  Most of the attention on this site is directed to homeschool families, but private schools and individual adults are also welcome to study with us.  If you’d like to read what students and parents have to say about our program, visit our feedback page.

To get started, we recommend that you subscribe to our mailing list and receive our weekly newsletter by email. Second, download a free copy of our book “Understanding Classical Catholic Education”, which is intended for Catholic parents and teachers. Third, view our course recommendation page for help choosing courses for your children. Fourth, visit the Academy Study Center where all of our online courses are hosted and use our free 30-day trial to preview any courses you wish. Once you’ve completed these four steps, you’ll likely be ready to get started with one of our enrollment plans below.

“The CLAA staff are the leaders in the research and administration of classical Catholic studies today.”

Cognia, 2023

Academy Enrollment Plans

The Academy is incredibly affordable for Catholic families. There are no books needed and a simply monthly subscription provides for everything. Our Student Plan costs only $25 per month and provides access to all of our online courses. Premium Study Plan adds many benefits for $100 per month.  

Get started now:

“I have homeschooled for 15 years now and have never found anything quite like this program. We started in September 2022 with our youngest two children and already the results are amazing. From day one, my 7th grade son was interested in the Latin and World Chronology. He never enjoyed writing until this year. Now I don’t even have to ask him to write he just does it on his own in the CLAA–and just for fun. I truly appreciate all the work Mr. & Mrs. Michael have put into this truly Catholic Classical curriculum. We are just getting our feet wet, but look forward to a lifetime of studies. God bless the CLAA!”

Tutoring & Consultation

Finding expert help with real classical Catholic education is no easy matter. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, parents may schedule a consultation by phone or Zoom meeting to discuss curriculum questions and planning whenever they need to. Tutoring sessions can also be arranged on-demand, year-round, for students in need of help.

FREE Extern Enrollment

If you are a homeschool family or adult student interested in using our curriculum materials without our online assessments or gradebooks, you are invited to enroll as an extern student at no cost.  To learn more about extern enrollment, use the link below.

Download a free copy of "Understanding Classical Catholic Education".
Download a free copy of “Understanding Classical Catholic Education”.

FREE Book for Catholic Parents & Teachers

Catholic parents desire to give their children the best education possible, but they often are hindered by the modern education they received. The same is true of school teachers and administrators. To help overcome this, Mr. Michael taught a course that explained the history and principles of real classical Catholic education. These lessons are now available at no cost in our free book, “Understanding Classical Catholic Education“. We invite you to download a free copy below.

Books, gifts and apparel are available in the Academy Bookstore.

Classical Catholic Bookstore

While our online courses provide all of the study materials that our students need, you can purchase printed copies of texts used in the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum from the Academy Bookstore. These books allow students to manage their courses online, but move the bulk of their daily studies offline. Again, printed books are not necessary for Academy studies, but many families like to have printed copies of course texts available in the home. Please note that a number of free downloads are also available in the bookstore.

About the Classical Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Our classical Catholic homeschool curriculum is gaining popularity as homeschooling becomes a popular choice for Catholic families who want to provide their children with a classical Catholic education. The classical Catholic homeschool curriculum emphasizes a deep understanding of language, reasoning, communication, and mathematics, as the foundation for all academic pursuits in the Catholic life. In this article, we will discuss the contents and value of the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum. Learn more…

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we offer the one and only classical Catholic Catholic educational program–and we can prove it.

God bless your studies,

Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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