Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

The Catholic homeschool curriculum we offer in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy contains the same subjects, courses and textbooks that were studied and taught by Catholic saints throughout history–and we’re the only program that makes these studies available today.

Modern schools–including Catholic schools and other homeschool programs–do not offer historic Catholic education, but simply serve the requirements of modern K-12 schooling.  Modern schools commit the errors warned of by Pope St. Leo XIII and Pope St. Pius X:  

“If you carefully search for the cause of those errors you will find that it lies in the fact that in these days when the natural sciences absorb so much study, the more severe and lofty studies have been proportionately neglected – some of them have almost passed into oblivion, some of them are pursued in a half-hearted or superficial way, and, sad to say, now that they are fallen from their old estate, they have been dis figured by perverse doctrines and monstrous errors.”  (Pope St. Leo XIII)

If you are a Catholic parent seeking to give your children the best education possible today, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy is the only program that provides a true Catholic homeschool curriculum.

While our program may be different from what is found in modern schools and homeschool programs, it is not difficult to understand. Best of all, you can be absolutely certain that the education your children are receiving is a timeless and trustworthy Catholic education.  Those are bold claims–but we are happy to prove them.  Get started with our free book Understanding Classical Catholic Education.


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In honor of St. Joseph, we are offering enrollment in all of our online courses for only $25. Simply use the coupon code JOSEPH-25 when you enroll. Our courses are self-paced with no deadlines or expiration dates.

Affordable for Families

To serve families well, a Catholic homeschool curriculum must be affordable. After all, when parents choose to homeschool their children, they take on most of the costs of education–and these costs are very great.  Parents pay for the facilities, offer countless hours of supervision, provide meals, pay for utilities, buy supplies, on and on.  Nevertheless, most homeschool study programs are priced comparably to local brick and mortar school tuition rates–which makes absolutely no sense.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we are constantly working to make true, classical studies available to Catholic children for the lowest possible cost to their parents–because classical studies should be affordable.

In 2021, enrollment in our self-paced online courses will cost only $25 per course, which includes access to all necessary study materials, online assessments and access to our 24/7 support system.  Optional support options and services may be purchased separately.  We are not only committed to restoring the best educational program for Catholic families, but also to make that education the most affordable Catholic homeschool curriculum available today.   

What Makes the CLAA Different?

If you look at what any other Catholic homeschool curriculum offers, you’ll find that it’s not solving the problems of modern education.  It’s just offering the same K-12 program with Catholic pictures.  The Classical Liberal Arts Academy provides Catholic homeschooling families and private schools with seven benefits they cannot find anywhere else:

1. First, we focus on the true end of Catholic education.

We teach our children that “God made us to know Him, to love Him, and to serve Him in this life, and to be happy with Him forever in the next.” However, when we look at the education modern schools and homeschool publishers offer, we find that this is not the end that is focused on. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we focus on the true end of Catholic education, following the recommendations of popes, saints and doctors of the Church.

2. Second, we restore the classical liberal arts.

When we look back at the history of education, we see that wise men and saints studied and taught the classical liberal arts. Since the 1600s, when the Protestant Reformation and Scientific Revolution arose, these studies have been abandoned. Most modern schools don’t even teach Grammar or Logic, not to mention Philosophy or Theology. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we restore the classical liberal arts.

3. Third, we teach traditional Catholic values.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church tells us that the Ten Commandments are the foundation of Christian morality. Today, schools desire to please everyone and do not observe traditional Catholic moral teaching. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we teach traditional Catholic values.

4. Fourth, we focus on subjects, not grade levels.

The modern K-12 grade levels were created to sort large numbers of students in public schools. This school model is only sustainable when state funding is available to pay the bills and never existed before the 1850s. For private schools and home schools (especially), it is totally inappropriate and causes many problems. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we focus on the true subjects of classical Catholic education, not artificial grade levels.

5. Fifth, we allow families to study year-round.

Public schools were started when America was an agricultural society. Students went to school when they weren’t needed on the family farm. Modern publishers have arranged textbooks to serve schools hosting children only 180 days per year, but there’s no explanation for why publishers are doing so today. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, our Catholic homeschool curriculum allows families to study year-round.

6. Sixth, we make classical Catholic homeschooling simple.

The world of business and politics is constantly changing. School programs that aim to prepare students for their adult occupations, or participation in a future modern society whose circumstances are unknown, must constantly change. Homeschool parents are flooded with endless catalogs of new products and programs, which multiply every year. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we focus on God, virtue, and human nature, which never change, studying books that will be true forever, and this makes the Catholic homeschool curriculum simple.

7. Lastly, we make classical Catholic homeschooling affordable.

Modern education is just business today and the costs never end. A look at Catholic school tuition, or the constantly expanding homeschool catalogs reveals a disconnect between the financial goals of educators and the needs of families. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we restore classical Catholic education and make prudent use of modern technology, which allows us to make homeschooling affordable.

Classical Catholic Homeschool Goals

As a Catholic homeschool parent, you are recognized by your state as the administrator of a real school–just as real as the largest public school or most prestigious private school you can find.  Our country, by the grace of God, affirms the authority of parents and protects our right to determine how our children are educated.  Unfortunately, most home school parents, not understanding home schooling, simply do what the state require their own public schools to do–which makes no sense.  To become an effective home school administrator, you have to have clear Catholic homeschool curriculum goals. Continue reading…

What is a Classical Education?

If you Google the question “What is Classical Education?“, you may find that my article is 20th or so on the list of results–and they go on for pages and pages. Furthermore, if you read this article and then read the others, you’ll notice something pretty quickly. Those other articles recycle the same small bit of information, from the same handful of modern sources, and never offer a shred of historical evidence to support anything they say. Worse yet, the publishers posting those articles are selling products and ideas that have never been taught in Christian history. Only the Classical Liberal Arts Academy provides Catholic students with real classical education. Let’s discuss what “classical education” really is. Continue reading…

Beginning Classical Catholic Studies

Before getting into specifics, one of the things I always emphasize with homeschool parents is that a homeschool is NOT a modern grade school at home. Parents should view their homechool as a one-room schoolhouse, not as a modern grade school. As a homeschool parent, you have only your own children to manage–and that’s a great advantage.

Second, classical Catholic homeschool education depends heavily on memory work.  Modern schools cannot provide memory work to students because there is nothing in modern schools worth memorizing.  The modern curriculum changes from one teacher to another, year after year.  In the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum, many lessons simply need to be committed to memory. Continue reading…

Classical Catholic Homeschool Schedule

When most people begin talking about schedules, they begin with lists of tasks, chores to do, etc. This is all wrong and it will never work. You do not need a new book suggesting 1,001 ways to do your laundry or 500 ideas for handling clutter. An abundance of chores and stuff is a sign of an aimless life. In this popular article, I explain how to create a schedule in a classical Catholic homeschool. Continue reading…


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