Classical Studies for Christian Students

Christ and the Rich Young Man
“Come, follow Me.” (Matthew 19:21)


The Classical Liberal Arts Academy works to “research, restore, publish and teach the classical liberal arts”. Throughout history, this was the only course of studies recommended by wise men for students pursuing wisdom and happiness. In fact, we argue that the failures of modern education and unraveling of western civilization has for its cause the abandoning of the classical liberal arts in the 1600s, when the “Scientific Method” was invented and promoted as a replacement for the “Scholastic” or “Aristotelean” method.

We provide self-paced online courses in all subjects for students of all ages. Our program can be used to enrich a modern homeschool or private school program, or as a life-long private study program for adults. Course enrollment includes all necessary study materials, lesson videos, graded assignments, online assessments, records and expert support. For enrollment information, please see our Online Catalog. If you’re interested in taking a look behind the scenes, you may use our Sample Student account to do so.

Video Instruction

In 2020-2021, we are publishing instructional videos for students in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. These videos are intended to support (not replace) our online lessons and have already been drawing enthusiastic feedback from parents and students. Feel free to enjoy the colection below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates.

Free Book on Classical Christian Education

Are you a Christian looking for real classical studies? Do you dream of giving your children, or yourself, the same education enjoyed by the saints throughout history? If so, then your search is over. The Classical Liberal Arts Academy is the solution, but there’s a lot to learn.  True classical education is nothing like modern schooling. Fortunately, you learn all you need to get started in the book “Understanding Classical Catholic Education“, written by our headmaster, William C. Michael. 

This book has helped me to understand the idea of classical education far better than anything I’ve come across in my 20+ years of homeschooling!

Classical Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Enrollment Options

Parents have two basic options when enrolling in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. First, students may be enrolled in individual courses using our online Course Catalog. Second, if parents wish to enroll students in a number of courses, it is usually better to enroll in one of our subscriptions plans described below.

  • Student Plan ($100 per month)
    The Student Plan provides one student with access to all of our online courses, which includes assignment grading, online assessment, records, and expert support.
  • Family Plan ($250 per month)
    The Family Plan provides all the benefits of the Student Plan for all members of the family.

2020-2021 Student Leaders

# Name OVR
1 Blaise Bollig 1956
2 Nathan Nuar 1950
3 Gianna Bollig 1507
4 Jacob Michael 1422
5 Joshua Michael 1326
6 Ava M Bollig 1307
7 Cecilia Bollig 1233
8 Isaiah Michael 1081
9 Jude Bollig 1059
10 Rebecca Nuar 1000
11 Daniel Michael 945
12 Clare Chenal 704
13 Kara Lynch 615
14 Peter Reavey 615
15 Melissa Lynch 534
16 Anna Reavey 517
17 Huck Scott 489
18 Catherine McKendry 476
19 Clare McKendry 463
20 Brenden Lynch 461
21 Nora Mershon 437
22 Briley Bumgarner 429
23 Genevieve Chenal 423
24 Samuel Michael 405
25 Dawson Barnard 397

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