Classical Catholic Education

Study the classical Catholic curriculum in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.
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The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers much more than a homeschool program or online courses. We offer Catholic families the resources needed to enjoy the most beautiful Catholic culture in the modern world. No other school or study program compares, but classical Catholic studies are not for everyone.

Catholic Homeschool Enrollment

Online Tutoring and Live Classes

In 2022, Catholic parents can provide their children with with expert classical Catholic tutors in the safety of their own homes. Students enrolled in the Academy’s Premium Student Plan receive one 45 minute video tutoring session every week that provides:

  • free access to live class meetings
  • curriculum guidance
  • weekly task planning
  • assignment grading
  • lesson tutoring
  • assessment assistance
  • and much more

Mr. and Mrs. William C. Michael are Catholic classicists and Lay Dominicans with a combined 40+ years of private and home school experience. In addition to working with Premium student services, on-demand tutoring sessions are available year-round.

Understanding Classical Catholic Education

Download the free book "Understanding Classical Catholic Education".

While we provide the study materials and support they will need, it is important for parents to have a working understanding of what real classical Catholic education is. In 2009, Mr. Michael taught a course on the subject for Catholic parents, which was very popular. In 2020, Mr. Michael collected his lessons and made them available in a free book for Catholic parents and teachers, titled “Understanding Classical Catholic Education“. To download a free copy of this book, submit the form below.

Classical Catholic Bookstore

Purchase your books from the Classical Catholic Bookstore and support classical Catholic education.

Classical Catholic Radio

Enjoy the most beautiful classical and Catholic music on Classical Catholic Radio, sponsored by the Classical Liberal Arts Society. Listen now.

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