The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers a free classical Catholic homeschool curriculum.

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we are happy to offer the only free classical Catholic homeschool curriculum.  This was the classical Catholic curriculum studied and taught by wise men and saints throughout Christian history.  We lead students of all ages through the ancient texts, providing a true classical Catholic homeschool curriculum for those who need it–everyone.  Whether you’re an adult looking to study classical languages and philosophy, a private school looking for classical curriculum materials, or a Catholic parent looking for a Catholic homeschool curriculum, you will find everything you need here in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.   In 2021, we are working to make our entire curriculum free to all students, of all ages.  

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The Classical Catholic Homeschool Curriculum Must be Free

First, if we are teaching the true Catholic faith to those who don’t know it, we cannot charge for this service.  This is our duty as Christians. If we simply want to make money, we can teach anything–but not the knowledge necessary for eternal happiness.  This is not ours to sell.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we are teaching the knowledge necessary for happiness, and we have no right to look at that as a product to profit from.  We must teach this knowledge, and make it free for all as a classical Catholic homeschool curriculum.

Second, if philosophy is to be the pursuit of free men in their hours of leisure, it cannot be an expensive source of profit. Religious live under viws of poverty and have no money to buy study materials or pay tuition.  Laymen are responsible to provide for the needs of their families, and need to use the money they earn for the development of their businesses, maintenance of their homes, etc., and this leaves very little money for liberal studies.  If we believe this learning is necessary and not a luxury, we must not seek to selfishly profit from it, but make it available to our brothers affordably.

This is the real work of classical Catholic education–not enriching ourselves financially, but enriching our students intellectually.  We must work to deny false teachers the opportunity to make true Christian philosophy and religion a business they can corrupt and make money from. These self-seeking, false teachers are rampant throughout “Catholic homeschool” circles and we desire to force them to find another “market” for their money-making. 

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, the entire classical Catholic homeschool curriculum is open for study at no cost.  Simply visit our curriculum page and get started wherever you’d like.  If you’d like to make use of our academic services–tutorial videos, online quizzes and exams, live chat support, graded assigments, tutoring, consultation, record-keeping help, and more, enroll a student any time. 

“What you have assembled rivals (or in fact exceeds) the standards of the finest universities of modern Europe.” 
Postdoctoral student, Oxford University

Classical Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Modern schools, including those that falsely advertise themselves to be “classical” (but aren’t), do not offer real classical education, but merely serve the requirements of modern K-12 schooling. These schools talk about wisdom and religion, but fall into the errors wise men warned of:

“If you carefully search for the cause of those errors you will find that it lies in the fact that in these days when the natural sciences absorb so much study, the more severe and lofty studies have been proportionately neglected.”
Pope Leo XIII

If you are a homeschooling parent seeking a classical Catholic homeschool curriculum, you do not need to compromise.  The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers a true classical education for your children, in the comfort of your own home.  We provide you with the richest homeschool curriculum available, and will save your family thousands of dollars.

While our program is different from all others, it is not difficult to understand. Best of all, you can be absolutely certain that the education your children are receiving is timeless and trustworthy.  Those are bold claims, but we are happy to prove them. Get started with our free book Understanding Classical Education.

Why the CLAA for your classical Catholic homeschool curriculum?

Modern schools and homeschool programs do not solve the problems of modern education.  The Classical Liberal Arts Academy provides families and private schools with benefits you will not find anywhere else.

1. We serve the true end of education.

The Sacred Scriptures command us, “Get wisdom, because it is better than gold: and purchase Prudence, for it is more precious than silver.”  Yet, despite this instruction, we find modern schools and homeschool programs do the opposite.  They give lip service to the goals of classical Catholic education, but then serve the minimum standards of modern college and career preparation. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, our classical Catholic homeschool curriculum is focused on the pursuit of Wisdom, classical Philosophy, and Catholic Theology, and we trust that all other concerns will take care of themselves.

2. We restore the real classical liberal arts.

Throughout history, wise men and saints studied and taught the classical liberal arts.  That’s what “classical education” means.  Since the 1600s, these studies have been abandoned.  Movements in modern society have contradicted Christian principles and all true philosophy.  Modern schools no longer teach the subjects of true classical education.  They do not teach the Trivium, Quadrivium, Philosophy or Theology. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we teach the real classical liberal arts, making ours the only true classical Catholic homeschool curriculum available today.  These are the arts argued to be necessary by ancient wise men, and revealed by the Holy Spirit:

“Wisdom hath built herself a house, she hath hewn her out seven pillars.”
Proverbs 9:1

3. We submit to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church

For men to fulfill their chief end, they must receive help from divine revelation.  This revelation is found in the Sacred Scriptures.  This revelation is not subject to private interpretation or human debate.  The “task of interpreting the Word of God authentically has been entrusted solely to the Magisterium of the Church, that is, to the Pope and to the bishops in communion with him.” (CCC 100).  In publishing our classical Catholic homeschool curriculum, we submit to the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in all matters of faith and morals, following the teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola:

“To be right in everything, we ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it.” 
St. Ignatius of Loyola

4. We allow Catholic homeschool families to study year-round, at their own pace.

Public schools began when America was an agricultural society. Students went to school when they weren’t needed on the family farm.  The school calendar was a part of a sustainable lifestyle where profitable work and study were balanced. Modern publishers have arranged textbooks to serve schools hosting children only 180 days per year, but there’s no explanation for why publishers are doing so today. The lives of modern families are unstable and children are sent into a complex and competitive world they are not prepared for.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, families can pursue true classical education year-round.

5. We make the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum simple.

The world of business and politics is constantly changing. Modern school programs that aim to prepare children for college and career must constantly change.  They must also aim at minimum standards, seeking to provide specialized education for all students.  This is not the purpose of human life or education.  God created us to know, love and serve Him in this life and classical education focuses on this end.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we prepare students to know, love and serve God in this world.  With true classical education–everything is simple.

6. We make the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum affordable.

The costs of modern education never end.  This is true whether you consider private schools or homeschool programs.  They are are designed for the benefit of teachers, administrators and publishers–not students.  A look at private school tuition, or the constantly expanding homeschool catalogs, reveals the disconnect between the financial goals of educators and the needs of families.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we restore classical education and make prudent use of modern technology.  This makes homeschooling very affordable for schools and families.  For all of the benefits gained through a Classical Liberal Arts Academy enrollment, parents can’t afford not to enroll.

CLAA Petty School

The earlier children get started, the better.  The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers a video-based program for children ages 3-8 called the “Petty School”.  For details about this program, visit the Petty School info page. Click here to view a Petty School Reading sample lesson.

Classical Catholic Library

As we conduct our research, we share the source materials in our Classical Catholic Library.  This is a great resource for parents and students interested in learning where our courses, lessons and methods come from.  We are making the true classical Catholic homeschool curriculum available for all–and we can prove it.

Understanding Classical Education

In 2009, Mr. Michael taught parents the history of true classical education.  The content of these lessons is now available in book form, for free reading. If there is one source that we recommend for any interested in learning about the one and only classical Catholic homeschool curriculum, this is it.  Click here to read Understanding Classical Catholic Education, and please share with friends.