Classical Studies for Catholic Students

Classical Catholic Homeschooling
Bl. Fra Angelico, Madonna delle Ombre (c. 1443)


The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers a free classical Catholic homeschool curriculum for Catholic families around the world.  Families enjoy online access to all necessary study materials, for use within their own family schedules.  Students of different abilities and ages can work through the same materials at their own pace.  When a student or parent needs help, Catholic classics teachers with over 20 years of teaching experience are available–365 days a year.  There’s no better source for a true classical Catholic education than the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

Classical Homeschool

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy works to research, restore, publish and teach the classical liberal arts. This is the same system of subjects that has been studied since ancient times, as we explain in our Parent Training course.  We lead students to fluency in Latin and Greek, and mastery in the arts of Reasoning, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music and Astronomy.  We guide students through true classical Philosophy in our Ethics, Physics and Metaphysics courses–all taught straight from the works of the masters.  We’re a classical homeschool program.

Catholic Homeschool

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy was founded and is taught by Catholics, and is intended for Catholic homeschool families.  Mr. and Mrs. Michael have over 20 years of experience in private school education, are the homeschooling parents of ten children of their own, and are faith formation and RCIA teachers in their parish.  In addition to the classical studies described above, we provide rich studies in Catholic Theology, from the Baltimore Catechism to the Summa Theologica and all of Sacred Scripture.  If you’re a Catholic family, you can always be sure that every lesson in every course, and every conversation with CLAA staff members will reinforce your family’s Catholic faith and morals.  We’re a Catholic homeschool program.

Expert Support

We offer homeschool families four different levels of support that makes expert help available all day, year-round.  Free Support allows access to our support forums for help from the entire CLAA community.  Premium Support provides help by email and tickets and includes assignment grading.  Live Chat Support gives families access to live help every day.  Tutorial Support provides scheduled weekly live chat meetings to give families one-on-one help.  For more information, visit our Support Services page.

Getting Started

Giving your children a classical Catholic homeschool education is simple and affordable.  There are no boxes of books to order and no risky decisions to make.  Families can get started and study for free and upgrade to higher levels of support if and when they please.  In the article Beginning Classical Studies, I provide a clear guide to choosing courses for new students–or, families can use these Grade Level recommendations.  When you’re ready to enroll, simply follow the instructions on our How to Enroll page.

Live support is always available.  Feel free to chat with us, send an email or give me a call at any time.

God bless your studies!

William C. Michael, Headmaster
Call/Text: 980-699-5575

Classical education in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Restoring the Classical Liberal Arts


Classical Catholic Homeschool Courses


The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers over 80 self-paced online courses for Catholic families.  While we focus on classical Catholic homeschool studies, we also help families take care of modern requirements with courses in modern English, Math, Science, and more.  All of our online courses include all necessary study materials–for online or offline study–assignments, online quizzes and exams, grade-books and records.  Also, our Stadium program allows students to earn points for their academic work and enjoy competing against other students from all over the world.   Enrollment is always open!