There’s no way around the truth:  these are very dark times for Christian culture.  Scholastic philosophy has been abandoned by modern Catholic schools, colleges and universities–even seminaries–leaving them with no true purpose in the world and very poor results.  Students are charged private school tuition for a public school education that no one can justify.  There is no interest in philosophy, the contemplative life or religious vocations among graduates.  Parents care only about college admission and career preparation (i.e., servile works).  The curriculum is dumbed down to serve the minimum requirements of secular society. There is no way to help or reform this academic culture. It must be left to run its course, while an alternative is created.

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy provides the best students with the opportunity seek the highest goals in their studies, giving them access to the classical Catholic curriculum that has distinguished wise men and saints throughout history.    

Where to Begin

To get started and succeed in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, you must be patient, willing to learn and realistic.  This is not a modern K-12 school program and you are going to need help. We provide committed Catholic homeschool parents with all of the resources and support they need to lead their children in authentic classical Catholic studies.   

We recommend you begin by working through the following steps: 

1. Learn about the CLAA

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy was founded in 2008, and is owned and operated by William and Dania Michael, who are full-time classicists and Catholic homeschooling parents.  We have worked in research, publishing, teaching and administration for over 20 years and have an abundance of resources and experience to share. Get to know us on the About page

2. Download our Free Book

In 2009, Mr. Michael led homeschooling parents through a study of the history of the classical liberal arts, from ancient biblical history to modern times.  These lessons have since been collected into a book, Understanding Classical Catholic Education, which we offer freely to all homeschool parents.  

3. Subscribe to our Mailing List

Every Friday, we mail a summary of all of the announcements and articles posted on the Academy website, making it easy for parent to stay informed.  Moreover, we send new subscribers a weekly email that helps them get started in the Academy–one step at a time.  

4. Learn about the Classical Catholic Curriculum

In 2021, we are making all of the content of the classical Catholic curriculum available at no cost on our website.  Go to the Curriculum Page and browse the different subject areas, and any courses you wish.

5. Learn about our Academic Services

While our curriculum content is available at no cost to all students, we offer services to help them progress efficiently.  These services include online quizzes, assignments, slideshows and videos, study tools, live chat support, forums, and private tutoring.  Learn more about these services and their cost on our Enrollment page.

6. Browse our Classical Catholic Homeschool Blog

Our blog has been praised by many as a source of content that cannot be found anywhere else.  We recommend searching by topic for any issues you’re interested, or you can contact us on live chat and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for (or write something just for you). All announcements and articles are available on the Academy blog.

7. Browse our Classical Catholic Library

When we look at other programs publishing new books, we have to ask, “If this is classical education why are we studying cheesy new books rather than the classics?!”  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we study the real classics–Sacred Scripture, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Seneca, Euclid, Boethius, Ptolemy, Porphyry, Augustine, Aquinas, etc.  All of these works are available in the public domain, and can be enjoyed freely by students.  We teach from these books directly, which you’re welcome to browse in our classical Catholic library.    

8. Contact Us and Introduce Yourself

We are always available to answer your questions and help you not only get started, but succeed in classical Catholic studies.  Contact us by live chat, on our forums or by message any time.  We’d love to get to know, your family and your goals in education.  

“What you have assembled rivals (or in fact exceeds) the standards of the finest universities of modern Europe.” 
Postdoctoral student, Oxford University