Classical Catholic Education

Jesus Christ, from the Hagia Sophia.

The classical Catholic education enjoyed by wise men and saints is available today—for free.

For 25 years, we have worked to research, restore, publish and teach the classical Catholic curriculum. In 2022, we are making this curriculum available to all students at no cost. Students are welcome to enroll and make use of our program at no cost for as long as they wish.

  • all online study materials
  • online quizzes
  • graded assignments
  • free text and video support resources
  • 24/7 expert support on Academy Forums

We simply ask that families who can afford the costs of enrollment upgrade to an affordable enrollment subscription to support our work and help us to make it available to others who cannot.

Student Plan

$25 per month

  • all free benefits
  • graded assessments
  • tutorial videos
  • live chat support

Premium Student Plan

$125 per month

  • all student plan benefits
  • original language studies
  • live tutorial meetings
  • SAT/college prep

Understanding Classical Catholic Education

Free Book for Parents & Teachers

While we provide the study materials and support they will need, it is important for parents to have a working understanding of what real classical Catholic education is. In 2009, Mr. Michael taught a course on the subject for Catholic parents, which was very popular. In 2020, Mr. Michael collected his lessons and made them available in a free book for Catholic parents and teachers, titled “Understanding Classical Catholic Education“. This book provides a clear explanation of what Catholic home education can–and should–look like.