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The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers the only true classical Catholic homeschool curriculum available today. Ours is the only program that allows Catholic families to enjoy the same classical Catholic education that has been studied and taught by wise men and saints through history–and we do so at a price you will not believe.

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The Academy is incredibly affordable for Catholic families. There are no books needed and a simply monthly subscription provides for everything. Our Student Plan costs only $25 per month and provides access to all of our online courses. The Family Plan sets a cap on family enrollment costs at $100 per month.  If you wish to study offline, course texts may be purchased in the Academy Bookstore.

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“I have homeschooled for 15 years now and have never found anything quite like this program. Many say “classical studies”, however we would end up in the same rut of hurrying through text/workbooks just to get done. We started CLAA September 2022 with our youngest two children and already the results are amazing. From day one my 7th grade son was interested in the Latin and World Chronology. He never enjoyed writing until this year. Now I don’t even have to ask him to write he just does it on his own, in the CLAA and just for fun. I truly appreciate all the work Mr. & Mrs. Michael have put into this truly Catholic Classical curriculum. We are just getting our feet wet, but look forward to a lifetime of studies. God bless the CLAA!”

Tutoring & Consultation

Finding expert help with real classical Catholic education is no easy matter. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, parents may schedule a consultation by phone or Zoom meeting to discuss curriculum questions and planning whenever they need to. Tutoring sessions can also be arranged on-demand, year-round, for students in need of help.

Self-Paced Online Courses

Unlike modern schools, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy allows all students to access the most excellent course of classical Catholic studies, and to do so at their own pace. Students are able to study their lessons, submit quizzes and assessments as many times as needed, and view their current grades every day. There is no reason not to enjoy straight A’s in the Academy with our self-paced online courses. Parents may enroll students in individual courses or subscribe to one of our affordable enrollment plans, which provides access to all courses.


Expert Support is Available!

We understand that parents have not enjoyed a classical Catholic education themselves, and that they need lots of help. Expert help is available 24/7, year-round–and our satisfaction ratings prove that support is not a problem. Our most recent 100 satisfaction ratings can be viewed below:

Download a free copy of "Understanding Classical Catholic Education".
Download a free copy of “Understanding Classical Catholic Education”.

Free Book for Catholic Parents & Teachers

Catholic parents desire to give their children the best education possible, but they often are hindered by the modern education they received. The same is true of school teachers and administrators. To help overcome this, Mr. Michael taught a course that explained the history and principles of real classical Catholic education. These lessons are now available at no cost in our free book, “Understanding Classical Catholic Education“. We invite you to download a free copy below.

Classical Catholic Bookstore

While our online courses provide all of the study materials that our students need, you can purchase printed copies of texts used in the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum from the Academy Bookstore. These books allow students to manage their courses online, but move the bulk of their daily studies offline. Again, printed books are not necessary for Academy studies, but many families like to have printed copies of course texts available in the home. Please note that a number of free downloads are also available in the bookstore.

About the Classical Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Our classical Catholic homeschool curriculum is gaining popularity as homeschooling becomes a popular choice for Catholic families who want to provide their children with a classical Catholic education. The classical Catholic homeschool curriculum emphasizes a deep understanding of language, reasoning, communication, and mathematics, as the foundation for all academic pursuits in the Catholic life. In this article, we will discuss the contents and value of the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum.

It is a Curriculum

Modern schools arrange students into groups based on their birth dates, purchase books for them to study in disconnected subjects, and give them grades. Unlike a classical Catholic education, they do not have a real curriculum. Likewise, homeschool programs are organized like modern schools and sell bundles of disconnected books, but they do not have a real curriculum. The first and most important thing to know about the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum is that it is a real curriculum.

A “curriculum” is not a list of disconnected subjects, but a course of study that begins in a child’s youngest days and continues steadily through to the end of his studies. A real curriculum has a true beginning, middle, and end, and every piece of the curriculum works with the others to lead the student to its goal. The students themselves can explain what role each part plays and how it is helping them to the end of their studies. The classical Catholic homeschool curriculum is a real curriculum.

It is a Homeschool Curriculum

Modern schools are designed to serve large numbers of students sorted into groups of the same age. Modern homeschool catalogs sell lesson plans that serve this grade-level system of public schools. This is not appropriate for a homeschool family and isn’t true of classical Catholic education.

A homeschool family is not made up of groups of children of the same ages, divided into grade levels. A homeschool mother serves a small number of children and each is a different age. It is nothing like a modern school, and the books and lesson plans of a modern school will not serve her family well. These programs may call themselves “homeschool” programs, but they are not designed to serve a homeschool family.

The classical Catholic homeschool curriculum is a homeschool curriculum. It provides for children in a family to work on the same subjects at their own pace. A homeschool mother should not try to manage dozens of different grade-level books with children studying separately. She should lead her children together through subjects that extend through years of study. The family should study together. Only such a program can rightly be called a homeschool curriculum.

It is a Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Most school publishers are seeking to make money by supplying school supplies to large, state-funded public schools. These books are not Catholic books but are written by secular authors for secular schools. Modern Catholic schools use these secular books because there’s nothing else being printed.

Homeschool programs, having no real curriculum, bundle books together from all different sources–some secular, some Catholic, some Protestant! Despite this obvious confusion, they box them up and sell them together as a Catholic homeschool curriculum, but they are no such thing. Why would any Catholic family go through all the work of establishing a homeschool, only to teach children from study materials that have never been studied or recommended to us by the saints?

Fortunately, the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum doesn’t follow this error but provides students with a complete system of study materials that have been studied, taught, and praised by wise men and saints throughout history. They have been used by Catholic students for centuries. There is never a moment where a family studying the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum will ever have to read anything that is not in agreement with Catholic teaching. It is a thoroughly Catholic homeschool curriculum.

It is a Classical Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

It’s no secret that modern society is terribly troubled. Without even mentioning the sexual and racist propaganda being pushed on children, modern schools are failing today because they are constantly being disturbed by fads and politics. Every teacher has his own theory about how children should be raised and taught, though he has no children of his own. Catholic schools often require that teachers have modern teaching licenses, but not that they are members of the Catholic Church! All the treasures of the history of Catholic education have been lost and we act as if we have no idea what to do. This is the folly of modern education, and homeschool programs only pretend to offer something different.

The classical Catholic homeschool curriculum is free from all of this immorality, confusion, and corruption. It is timeless and trustworthy. The authors the children study every day are history’s wisest and best men and women, models of virtue. The content of the books we study has been studied and refined for hundreds and hundreds of years. The methods of study are proven and give all students a clear path to success. Every student may pursue wisdom through the same excellent studies, at his own individual pace, just as students did all through history.

We can get into the details of what it really means for the classical Catholic homeschool curriculum to be “classical”, but it is sufficient to know that it does not make an experiment of our children’s education.

This Curriculum is Our Curriculum

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, nothing looks like a modern school or homeschool program. We do not burden families with bundles of books and endless expenses. Enrollment costs a simple fee of $25 per month per child, everything included. We do not ask parents to separate their children into grade-level studies that make no sense in a home with siblings of the same family. We do not study books that were forbidden to be studied among Catholics when their authors lived, which replaced the books written and taught by saints before them. We do not chase after modern fads and try to keep up with the world which does not seek first the kingdom of God or observe the traditions of the Catholic faith.

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we offer the one and only classical Catholic homeschool curriculum–and we can prove it.

God bless your studies,

Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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