Free Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Wouldn’t it be a strange thing if, in the 21st century, God provides that the best education available anywhere would be available as a free Catholic homeschool curriculum? While it may seem strange, it is, in fact, the reality. The classical Catholic curriculum, studied by saints and wise men throughout history, is being restored by … Read more

Secular Homeschool Curriculum

A secular homeschool curriculum?! In most homeschool circles that sounds like an oxymoron. Most families who have been interested in homeschooling through the years have been compelled by religious convictions that they did not feel were supported by available schools. Today, however, more and more families are considering homeschooling without any religious motivations. As one … Read more

My Children’s Daily Homeschool Schedule

I was asked yesterday to share my children’s daily homeschool schedule, and I am happy to do so. Before I get to the schedule, let me share some information about my family. My wife and I are 46 years old. We are both classicists and experienced teachers. We are self-employed and work from a home … Read more

Why choose the Premium subscription?

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, students are welcome to study all of our online courses for free. That’s an amazing opportunity for Catholic families and is no marketing gimmick. The study of the entire curriculum we have worked to research and restore is available to families at absolutely no cost. It may seem confusing, … Read more

Not Receiving our Mailings? Subscribe Now!

Dear friends, In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we have so many resources to share with parents and students that it’s impossible to do so through the Academy website. We use weekly and monthly e-mail messages to help families stay informed of everything that’s going on in the Academy. To be specific, we provide the … Read more

Free Help for Responsible Reading

The difference between the responsible study of world literature and the idle love of reading is found in the reader’s intentions when reading. The idle reader looks to be entertained and he gives attention to the characters and events of the story. This reading is the equivalent of watching a television show–and reading, for such … Read more

English, Latin and Greek Roots Cheat Sheet

The words of the English language are drawn from a number of different sources: Latin, Greek, French, German, Old English, Middle English and more. Below, you can find over 200 English, Latin and Greek roots from which many English words are constructed. The knowledge of the roots below will be very helpful in learning to … Read more