Live Chat for Assignment Grading

Dear students, If you have one or more assignments that need to be reviewed and graded, I invite you to submit them to me one-by-one in a live chat meeting for immediate grading.  This is much easier for me and allows you to have assignments graded when you finish them. I would especially recommend you … Continue

Printed Lessons in the CLAA

While our curriculum is made available online, we make sure that all of our curriculum materials are printable and easy to study offline.  In fact, our own children spend most of their time studying from printed copies of Academy lessons kept in 3-ring binders at their desks. What You’ll Need A 1″ three-ring binder for … Continue

Share the CLAA with Friends

When a new family finds the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, our first conversations almost always begin with, “We never heard of the CLAA before–and neither have any of our friends.” Our academic work consumes all of our time and we are unable to devote any time or energy to advertising.  We share images and news … Continue

Excuses for Not Studying Philosophy

Many students use interest in college and business as an excuse to neglect classical Catholic studies and do LESS studying and working. In this video, Elon Musk, one of the world’s greatest business leaders and engineers, explains why students should NOT imagine that “going to college” or “getting a degree” for is a reason to … Continue

How to Calculate GPA

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy logo.

As a homeschool parent, you may wish to calculate a high school student’s Grade Point Average (GPA). 1. Assign Grades To do this you must, obviously, assign your children grades in their high school subjects.  Here’s an example: Subject                 Credits   Grade English              … Continue

St. Monica (May 4)

St. Monica

Monica, the mother of St. Augustine, was born in 332. A, a girlhood of singular innocence and piety, she was given in marriage to Patritius, a pagan. She at once devoted herself to his conversion, praying for him always, and winning his reverence and love by the holiness of her life and her affectionate forbearance. … Continue

Move to Curriculum Pages

Dear friends, All of the Academy’s lessons are being made available on the Curriculum pages on the Academy website. The old student dashboards and private lessons are no longer being supported or updated and students should begin using the curriculum pages for their studies.  Functionality of the old student dashboard may be unavailable. If you … Continue

Planting Season & Support

Dear friends, If you’re not aware, our family lives on a farm in North Carolina and my wife and I will be planting our vegetable gardens this week, taking advantage of a few days of clear weather. We will not be available for support work during daylight hours (EST), but will be working in the … Continue