How to Study for Mastery

When lessons are published for CLAA students, there is a quality of study expected of them that demands a certain method of study. In this article, I’d like to outline this method. 1. First Reading The lesson will include or assign readings that are to be studied for mastery. The first reading, however, is an … Continue

Recommended: Life of St. Dominic

After many years of anticipation, my wife and I are finally free to pursue what we have discerned to be a vocation to the Third Order of St. Dominic and are currently participating as “Inquirers” in 2021.  I first communicated with the Lay Dominicans in western North Carolina in 2008, but their meetings were almost … Continue

Website Improvements in Spring/Summer 2021

Dear friends, While I am a Classicist by profession, my work has required that I become web developer over the years.  I have had to learn real-time, with hundreds to thousands of students and parents using the websites as I figured out how to present lesson material and assessments as effectively as possible.  I’ve made … Continue

Review: Lent at Ephesus

Album cover from "Lent at Ephesus".

I was introduced to the Benedictines of Mary by my wife who loves their music, but they’ve failed an important test for me. When I consider music that is appropriate for office background music, it must be beautiful and tranquil, but it cannot be too beautiful.  There are some pieces of music which one simply … Continue


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Many Catholic laymen are seeking a rich devotional life that unites them with the prayers of the clergy around the world.  Little by little, they are learning about the Liturgy of the Hours–the official prayer of the Catholic Church.  The Liturgy of the Hours was published by the Church in the 1970s and intended to … Continue

CLAA vs. Catholic Heritage Curriculum

In this post, I’d like to help parents compare the Classical Liberal Arts Academy to  Catholic Heritage Curriculum. Twenty years ago, my wife and I chose to homeschool our children.  We started as most families do–we searched for homeschool products on Google, requested catalogs from homeschool catalogs, and asked friends what they were using.  After … Continue

Advice on Writing

In this video, I share my advice for students interested in developing professional writing skills in the 21st century.  As a professional writer myself, I don’t believe modern Catholic schools or homeschool programs are leading students to real success in writing, but are merely filling their school years with artificial school activities that don’t translate … Continue

New – Live Video Assessment

Live video assessment is now available in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

I’m happy to announce that I will be available for live video assessments with students.  For details, visit the Live Video Assessment page in the CLAA’s Online Catalog. For more videos, please subscribe to the CLAA YouTube channel.

Review: Neumz Gregorian Chant App

Featurd image for Neumz App Review

Today, I discovered the Neumz app–an amazing resource that I’m very eager to share and recommend. In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we have promoted and taught the history and theory of Gregorian Chant, but quality resources have always been hard to come by.  Leading students to appreciate Gregorian Chant is one thing–listening to and … Continue