About the Academy

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy was founded by William C. Michael in 2008 to research, restore, and teach the education and culture enjoyed by wise men and saints throughout history.

We provide a complete curriculum of classical and modern studies for Catholic students of all ages. Our study materials and services are currently used by:

  • homeschool families
  • private schools
  • religious communities
  • adult students

If you have any questions about our work, please write to us at: mail@classicalliberalarts.com.

Mr. William C. Michael (Headmaster)

Image of William C. Michael, Headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

Mr. Michael studied Classics & Ancient History at Rutgers University, where he graduated magna cum laude and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. He has spent 25 years researching and studying the classical liberal arts and classical philosophy full-time. Mr. Michael worked as a prep school Classics teacher from 2000-2008 before founding the Academy.

Outside of his Academy work, Mr. Michael is a Lay Dominican and enjoys taking walks in the country, attending daily Mass, praying the Rosary and Liturgy of the Hours, studying Scholastic philosophy and Sacred Scripture, and managing the Academy’s Classical Catholic Radio program. Talks by Mr. Michael are available on the Academy YouTube channel.

Mrs. Dania C. Michael

Mrs. Michael studied Classics & Elementary Education at Rutgers University, and worked as a elementary private school teacher before become a full-time homeschooling mother in 2000. She has spent over 20 years working in homeschooling and in providing homeschool support to families in the Academy.

Outside of her Academy work, Mrs. Michael is a Lay Dominican who teaches faith formation at her parish, and enjoys gardening, baking and participating in the children’s extracurricular activities (wrestling, swimming, ballet, etc.).

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we strive to be faithful to the Pope and bishops in union with him (i.e., the Magisterium) in all things. We do not support any individuals, groups or movements that disrespect, contradict or disobey the hierarchy of the Church in any way. Rather, we follow St. Ignatius of Loyola, who said, “We ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it.”.

The Michael Family farm in rural North Carolina.
Our work in the Classical Liberal Arts Society is possible because of the quiet, peaceable life we enjoy in rural North Carolina.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael were received into the Third Order of St. Dominic in 2022.

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