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In addition to our free curriculum content, we offer a number of paid academic services at two different levels.

Standard ($25/month)

Standard academic services provide a student with access to:

  • CLAA Google Workspace account
  • exclusive tutorial videos
  • private forum support
  • online quizzes and exams
  • lesson assignments.

Premium ($50/month)

In addition to all of the standard academic services avove, a premium subscription provides students with

  • assignment grading
  • live chat support from Mr. Michael
  • weekly tutorial meeting
  • student page to track student progress
  • assistance with homeschool documentation and record-keeping
  • college prep assistance

How to Enroll

Step 1. Create Enrollment Subscription

To enroll a student in one our academic service plans, simply submit the enrollment application below and create your subscription.

Select a Subsciption Level:

Step 2. Submit Enrollment Application

When your enrollment subscription has been created, you will be directed to our enrollment application form. Please allow 48 hours for your enrollment to be processed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I enroll at any time?
Yes. Enrollment is always open and students can begin any of our courses at any time.  We would request, however, that if you intend to enroll, you contact us and let us know your plans. 

2.  May adults enroll in CLAA courses?
Yes.  Our courses academy services are open to students of all ages.

3. What is the actual cost of studying in the CLAA?
The Classical Liberal Arts Academy’s content can be studied at absolutely no cost on the Academy website.  Users pay only for optional academic services they wish to make use of:  live chat support, online exams, multimedia resources, assignment grading, record-keeping, etc..  Two options exist for these academic services:  Standard Enrollment ($25/month) and Premium Enrollment ($50/month).  There are no other costs for studies.

4.  Is it necessary to buy books or other study materials for the CLAA?
No.  All necessary study materials are accessible on our website.

5. I am an enrolled student.  How can I obtain a CLAA Google Workspace account?
CLAA Google Workspace accounts are available at no cost to all enrolled students.  Use this form to request a CLAA Google Workspace account.

6. Is the CLAA accredited?
This question reveals a confusion that plagues homeschool families.  Accreditation is not applicable to homeschool programs because in them parents choose for their own children the curriculum and methods to serve their own beliefs and goals.  For more information, please see the article, “Homeschool Accreditation is Not Necessary.”, which proves this.