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All of our courses and lessons are freely accessbile to all who wish to use them, under normal copyright protections.  For students content to study the lessons independently, no enrollment is necessary.  Students interested in degrees, certificates, progress tracking, online quizzes and exams, assignment grading, tutoring, consultations, live chat support, multimedia resources and other academic services must select one of the following affordable subscription plans.


Subscription Plans

Select a subscription plan to enroll in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

Student Plan

Premium Student Plan

Family Plan

Premium Family Plan

Frequently Asked Questions

1. May I enroll at any time?
Yes. Enrollment is always open and students can begin any of our courses at any time.

2.  May adults enroll in CLAA courses?
Yes.  Our courses academy services are open to students of all ages.

3. What is the total actual cost of studying in the CLAA?
All lessons may be studied at no cost.  Payment of the subscription fees listed above is necessary for the services listed.  Beyond these, there is no other cost to study in the CLAA.

4. Is financial aid available?
Yes, financial assistance is always available, no questions asked. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Home » Enrollment