How to Select Courses

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we do not support the modern K-12 curriculum. We do not believe that the modern 180-day academic calendar should be allowed to limit Christian education. Real classical Catholic study requires far more dedication and toil than modern secular education recommends and Christian students cannot … Continue

New CLAA Forums for 2021

Dear friends, Throughout the years, our forums have been one of the most active parts of the Academy’s online community. As our society becomes more and more polarized by political and ideological divisions, finding reasonable, respectable Catholic discussion and support is more and more difficult. Social media is toxic and … Continue

How to Publish a Post to Your Student Website

Once you have created a free student website, it’s time to begin posting your written work, videos, etc., to your site. In this article, I’m going to explain how you can do that–the right way. Go to your student website. If you are not signed into your account, add /login … Continue

How to Create a Free Student Website/Blog

In my video, “Moving from What? to How? in Classical Catholic Education“, I explained that I will be leading my own children to start their own student websites this year, and I recommend other students doing the same. In this article, I provide the steps one must follow to do … Continue

How to Search the CLAA Website

The content of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy website can easily be searched using Google’s powerful search tools. Go to In the search box type– Add a space after the CLAA website address, then enter your search terms. Google will only search the CLAA website for the keywords … Continue