How to Prepare Assignments for Submission

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, some assignments are much easier to complete by hand than by typing (e.g., Algebra, Greek). Students will need to learn and practice preparing assignments conveniently is very important. 1. Complete work by hand. Using regular notebook paper, students can complete assignments that are too … Read more

Think Rightly about College Admission

In the 21st century, we must think rightly about college admission.  As Christian parents, you are responsible to God to raise your children as disciples of Jesus Christ.  That is your only responsibility as a parent.  You are to give them the education that God wills for them and it’s … Read more

The Triumph of St. Thomas Aquinas

The painting above is titled “The Triumph of St. Thomas Aquinas” and was produced by the 14th century artist Andrea da Firenze.  This is quite an elaborate scene and it represents for us the truth of Catholic Philosophy conquering all heresy and enlightening all sciences.  I’d like to walk you … Read more

Weathering the Storm

When you decide to home school your children, you are likely doing so for a number of virtuous reasons. First, when your children are born, your heart is overwhelmed with gratitude to God for healthy pregnancy and delivery, and the health of your children.  You can’t wait to have the … Read more

Choosing What to Study

It’s very common for students or parents to look over the CLAA[efn_note]Classical Liberal Arts Academy[/efn_note] curriculum and courses and ask: What should I study? What courses should I focus on? What courses are the most important? How much time should I give to this or that course? This dilemma comes … Read more

Persevering to the End

Dear students, At this time of year, the weather begins to change, the time changes, and we begin to think about the holidays.  While all of this is good, we are also tempted to stop working, which is bad. These are the times that separate the great students from ordinary … Read more

The Danger of Self-Contradiction

For Republicans, there are many positives heading into the mid-terms, but the biggest obstacle to Republican progress is the self-contradiction that arises during the party’s emotional moments, when it forgets that the cameras are rolling and shows signs that its motives aren’t pure. The illustrator Phil Hands captures this problem … Read more