Aristotle & Classical Textbooks

Aristotle (384-322 BC) If we only read Moses, David, Solomon and Plato, we would have an education that rivaled history’s greatest scholars. However, the efficiency of instruction desired to make as many wise students as possible is not to be found among the early masters. Moses left us the Law. David left us the Psalms. Solomon left us the Proverbs. Plato added his dialogues. Unfathomable wisdom is to be enjoyed in them all, but very few would possess the time and leisure to swallow and digest their teachings in a manner that led to a well-ordered mind. To meet the … Continue

How to Study the Summa Theologica

In this walk-talk, William C. Michael of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy discusses the sources of problems that discourage Catholic students from studying the Summa Theologica, and how it can be studied and enjoyed by all Catholics willing to put in the time and effort required. To join us in the study of the Summa Theologica, visit our Curriculum page.

Catholic Education vs. Career Preparation

If you’re a devout Catholic who cares more about the Catholic faith than anything else, you desire to give your children the best possible Catholic education.  However, you also feel an obligation to help your children prepare for their future occupations, which includes college preparation and specialized studies and work.  As your children move into their “high school” years, the pressure seems to grow more intense and college prep consumes all resources and attention and you go to bed with regrets about what your children are studying–and what they’re not studying. How can we find the balance between the spiritual … Continue

The Ratio Studiorum of 1599

The Ratio Studiorum, or Rule of Studies, published by the Society of Jesus in 1599 is a key historical resource in researching, restoring, publishing and teaching the true classical Catholic curriculum today.  When we consider that St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits, died in 1562, we realize that the Ratio was published in the golden age of the order, just as its famous saints had finished their amazing lives. The Ratio Studiorum provides us with a complete curriculum, intended to preserve the classical Catholic curriculum as it came under attack from groups that targeted Scholastic Philosophy as … Continue

Which is the Best Catholic Homeschool Curriculum? (2021)

Today is Friday, June 4. I’d like to take some time today to answer an important question for Catholic homeschool families. The question is, “Which is the best Catholic homeschool curriculum?”  I’m going to emphasize each of the words in that question—Which is the best Catholic homeschool curriculum? The reason why I want to emphasize each word in the question is that if you type that question into Google, and look at the results, you won’t find an answer.  You may find an answer to the question, “What curriculum do I like?”,  “What curriculum do I use?”,  “What are some … Continue

Catholic Children MUST Study the Classical Liberal Arts

We can talk about 1,001 specific issues in Catholic education, homeschooling and family life, but if we do not return to the classical liberal arts, traditional Catholic culture will continue to disappear.  Many call for the restoration of the Latin mass, but the Second Vatican Council and the Novus Ordo Mass were not the cause of the decline in Catholic culture–they were merely symptoms of it. Few speak of the true cause of the decline in Catholic education, religious vocations, culture, etc., because they have been raised in the modern system of education which is responsible for its destruction.  Many … Continue