St. Lucy (Dec. 13)

Reflection The Saints had to bear sufferings and. temptations greater far than yours. How did they overcome them? By the love of Christ. Nourish this pure love by meditating on the mysteries of Christ’s life; and, above all, by devotion to the Holy Eucharist, which is the antidote against sin and the pledge of eternal life. Source: Butler’s Lives of the Saints

What is Grace?

Yesterday, I published what I said is the most important article I ever can or will write.  In it, I sought to answer the question, “What is the Gospel?”. As we discuss the Gospel, one key word that is used is the word “grace”.  Therefore, I believe it’s helpful (for those interested) to publish a similar study of the word “grace”, along with its implications. What Scripture Says In an English Bible, the word “grace” is found over 150 times.  In the Old Testament, it is used to translate the Hebrew word chen (חֵן).  In the New Testament, it is … Continue