Liturgy of the Hours: Last Sunday in Ordinary Time

Getting Started? For simple instructions on how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours, click here. Last Sunday (Week 34) in Ordinary Time (566)Psalter Week II (785) 11/20/2022 – The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe All as in the Ordinary (613), Proper of Seasons (566) … Read more

Non-Profit Classical Liberal Arts Society Established

Dear friends, Since our founding in 2008, the Classical Liberal Arts Academy has operated as a privately-funded, for-profit business. Through the years, the Academy’s mission has developed and has provided us with a number of opportunities to extend our work to a number of activities that go beyond the scope … Read more

Holiday Music on Classical Catholic Radio

Dear friends, Ready or not, the fall and winter holiday seasons are upon us. Next week, we will be celebrating Thanksgiving (11/24) and, more importantly, Advent Season begins on Sunday (11/27)! Our Classical Catholic Radio station will be adding beautiful holiday music to our normal selection of sacred and classical … Read more

School Studies vs. the Pursuit of Wisdom

For most people, “study” refers to work done while enrolled in school. In modern schools, we are required to complete minimum requirements that serve the interests of secular government, but not of human life. College studies tend to be focused on the minimum requirements of degrees that are sought for … Read more

The Wisdom of Solomon (1008 AD)

In the beginning of his reign Solomon loved the Lord, and walked in his father’s footsteps. One night the Lord appeared to him, and bade him ask what he would. Solomon asked for wisdom, that he might rule with justice. When the Lord heard this He was much pleased, and … Read more

Strongly Recommending the Premium Student Plan

Dear friends, This year, I introduced the Premium Student Plan as a means by which I can get to know home-schooled students and help them individually with classical Catholic studies.  The Academy has been open for 14 years now and I have never seen students making nearly as much progress as the … Read more

Memorial of St. Albert the Great (November 15)

The precise date of Albert’s birth is not known. It is generally conceded that he was born into a knightly family sometime around the year 1200 in Germany. He was apparently in Italy in the year 1222 where he was present when a rather terrible earthquake struck in Lombardy. A … Read more