Afraid to Cross the Old Fence Line

When we kept sheep, we used electric fencing to control their grazing. They’d learn where the fences were and eventually stay away from them. However, when we wished to move the sheep, we’d take down a line of the electric fencing and give them access to an area of fresh pasture. But they wouldn’t go. … Read more

Free Catholic Homeschool Curriculum

Wouldn’t it be a strange thing if, in the 21st century, God provides that the best education available anywhere would be available as a free Catholic homeschool curriculum? While it may seem strange, it is, in fact, the reality. The classical Catholic curriculum, studied by saints and wise men throughout history, is being restored by … Read more

Homer and Homeschooling in Ancient Greece

Recently, I have been enjoying an old book on ancient Greek education. In it, the author discusses the early education of Greek children in the ancient world. He explains that the education was based on the writings of the poets, and particularly of Homer. I believe homeschooling parents will find this helpful. “The study of … Read more