How should I schedule my CLAA studies?

Scheduling is a challenging question because CLAA courses are demanding and every family’s circumstances are different. We have provided a number of helpful articles on the topic of scheduling for parents: CLAA Sample Homeschool Schedule My Children’s Daily Homeschool Schedule (by William C. Michael) How to Create a Homeschool Schedule If, after reading these articles, you have questions, please contact us.

Does the CLAA offer a high school diploma?

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers online courses to students enrolled in home schools and private schools. A student’s home school or private school is the appropriate source for a high school diploma–not the CLAA. For advice on how to use the CLAA’s online courses to complete high school diploma requirements, see the article: “How to Complete a High School Diploma in the CLAA“.

May non-Catholics study in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy?

Yes. The classical liberal arts and the classical curriculum were studied and taught before the Catholic Church was established and serve the needs of human education. All men, women and children are welcome to study in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. If you are not a Catholic, you may still find our Theology courses helpful and are welcome to study them. If, however, you would like to avoid explicitly “Catholic” content, simply focus on the Trivium, Quadrivium, Philosophy and Humanities courses.