Using the Academy for your Private School Curriculum

Calls are increasing from Catholics organizing private schools who wish to partner with Classical Liberal Arts Academy–and we’re happy to do so. I’m often asked if it’s possible for the Academy courses to be used in private school settings, and the answer is: “Yes.” Whether a school would like to … Continue

Enrich Your Seton Homeschool Curriculum

Many Catholic families are getting started with homeschooling and they are anxious about satisfying modern school requirements. Seton Home Study provides such families with a simple curriculum that helps them to do so. However, there’s much more possible for Catholic homeschool families, and you can easily enrich your children’s studies … Continue

Seton Homeschool Enrichment with Classical Studies

Enrich the Seton Homeschool curriculum with classical studies in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

If you’re a Catholic homeschooling parent using the Seton homeschool curriculum, that may be the best solution for you.  If you’re concerned about satisfying modern grade level requirements, and giving your children a high school diploma, then the Seton homeschool curriculum can get that done. However, there are some important … Continue

No Lesson Planning Needed in the CLAA

This morning, I realized that for the past 13 years, I have been asked a question by parents and I have answered it wrongly.  The question is, “How much time does this curriculum require?“. When I have received this question, I have thought that parents were asking how much time students … Continue