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“I Believe in Science”

This past year, Americans learned that institutions they take for granted can break down very quickly.  Church meetings were canceled.  Schools were closed.  Businesses were shut down.  College classes were canceled.   That was March.  We’re moving into December and little has changed. 

While life may get back to normal, Christians must realize that the days when they could play games with education are over.  Over the past 300 years in America, Christians have abandoned classical education and settled for modern, secular education–because they could.  There was enough grace remaining in American institutions for parents to fail in their duty to give their children a Christian education and the children end up OK.  This is not the case any more.

If you’re paying attention this year, you’ll see that there is a force in modern society that gives the secular government unlimited power.  It’s not a false religion.  It’s not a military organization.  It’s not a financial system.  There is one force that our neighbors and governing officials can use to deny us any natural, civil or constitutional rights at any time. I have warned families about this since I founded the CLAA and Christian people have treated me like I was crazy, but it’s true:

The enemy of the Christian faith is what modern people call “Science”. 

Now, this “Science” that’s referred to is not innocent experimental research or truth-seeking study of the natural world.  Modern science has never been about that.  From day one, the aim of modern science has been to replace divine revelation as the authoritative source of knowledge.  Francis Bacon, the father of the “Scientific Method” coined the phrase “Knowledge is power.”, and the enemies of Christianity know that if they can control what people know, they will control the people. 

In modern society, the right understanding of the natural world is not the aim of science.  This knowledge already exists in Christian natural philosophy.  What anti-Christians like about modern science is that the truth can be said to be unknowable to the population–and people fall for it.  The truth about the world we live in is said to be hidden in galaxies far, far away, which can only be studied with billion dollar telescopes which are accessible to only a few “experts”.  The truth about human nature and health is said to be hidden in a submicroscopic world beyond the reach of our senses.  Again, only “experts” have acceess to this truth.  Once this “method” of investigation is accepted by the people, the voting public no longer has any way to know what is true or false about anything.  Human beings, created in the image and likeness of God, who were given the right to subdue and rule over the world are reduced to ignorant servants of it.  Human beings, with the divine power of reason and amazing powers of sense and understanding, are told they don’t have the instruments necessary to understand the world they live in.

This is a direct attack on the fundamentals of Christianity, and it’s why you will see “Science” at the center of the anti-Christian movements in politics today.  On November 9th, the magazine “Scientific American” announced that “Scientists are Relieved that Joe Biden won the Presidential Election“.  Now, I am not interested in politics, but what is important is that one candidate is said to be the choice of “scientists” and the other is said to be “anti-science”.  The Gay Rights movement promotes its anti-Christian message based on a scientific theory that homosexuality is a natural and biological fact, rather than an unnatural and immoral form of sexual activity.  The American market, which is supposed to be controlled by supply and demand, will be regulated by scientific theories about the climate, the truth of which no one has access to.  Every human institution will be taken over and controlled by something called “Science”, which is not a demonstrable body of knowledge made available to all men, but a creed which men are required to believe.  You will see, more and more, men and women in influential places professing:

I believe in science.    

People are willing to “believe” in Science because they do not want to obey God’s laws.  This is the same reason why men have “believed” in gods made out of stones, wood, metals, etc..  While idolatry has failed almost to the point of extinction, electron microscopes, space stations and laboratories offer some appearance of credibility.  What all of these men–from modern physicists to ancient fire-worshippers actually believe in the devil’s promise:  “Surely, you shall not die.”  Was it not a promise of secret knowledge that justified disobedience that, from the beginning, deceived men?  The same is true today. 

“And the serpent said unto the woman, ‘Ye shall not surely die [if you disobey God]:  for God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.'”  (Genesis 3)

Now, Christians who, themselves, have embraced modern science, will respond to this, imagining themselves to be clever defenders of the faith, saying, “Science is not something to be believed, but is a matter of testing, results, evidence, data and facts.”  They’re wrong, however.  Science has NEVER been about these things.  It simply claims to be interested in these things as it slips out from the restraints of Christian theology and philosophy.  Once granted its conditional freedom to experiment, it breaks its agreement and rushes immediately into questions and issues that are beyond the reach of scientific experimentation–because that’s its whole purpose. 

A simple comparison might be found from the Lord of the Rings.  Frodo was the rightful bearer of the ring, whose mission was to destroy it.  Gollum desired the ring, but could not take it from Frodo without being killed.  So, seeking the ring, Gollum pretended to be a friend to Frodo, looking constantly for an opportunity to get the ring.  Sam told Frodo, from the beginning, that Gollum was evil and could not be trusted, but Frodo foolishly pitied Gollum, believing him rather than Sam, whose friendship was proven.  Some will say, “Ah, but Gollum’s help was necessary for Frodo and, in the end, Frodo succeeded because of Gollum.”  This is false.  Frodo succeeded because Gollum’s attempts to ruin him failed–again and again.  Sam caused Frodo to succeed by protecting him from Gollum.  

This same relationship exists in Christianity where Frodo represents the Church, Sam represents the Christian fathers and doctors of the Church, and Gollum represents modern Science.  The Church has no need of Science and its pretended friendship is a lie.  The doctors of the Church have died and proven their worth, and they all tell the Church to stay away from this “Science”.  Nevertheless, the Church keeps Science around, imagining it to be a friend when, time and again, it reveals its true intentions, which are only to undermine and destroy the Church.  The Church’s continued fondness for Science cannot be justified and her true friends must constantly save her from its evils.  

Where we find this Science is in the institution of modern Academia, which takes the deceitful promises of the “scientific method” and uses them to overturn what was known in every subject area and replace it with an incoherent mess of constantly changing confusion.  Every audacious new discovery is proclaimed with absolute certainty, claiming to prove whatever is desired.  Men imagine these discoveries to be true and abandon centuries-old traditions and institutions without any evidence to justify doing so.  The Church is right there with them, changing its policies and teachings, following the “Science”. 

How this can happen is simply impossible to understand.  The disrespect for divine revelation, the despising of history’s proven wise men, the admiration for immoral men who deny God, the willingness to repeat errors again and again–all of these errors are impossible to explain.  Every time “Science” speaks, the Church runs to get in line, seeming to forget that it has done this before and suffered for it.  The proverb is fulfilled, “As a dog returns to its vomit, so a fool to his folly.”

Christian families, however, are running down the same paths.  They have been educated in modern schools and aren’t even familiar with the knowledge that should be directing their lives and protecting them from these lies.  They are like sheep being led to the slaughter.  Lazy, shallow objections are raised–they complain about the Church’s liturgy, they fuss about abortion, etc.–but the issues that catch their attention are the results of the errors, not the sources of them.   It’s all too little, too late.  Is the solution really to vote for Donald Trump?  Is returning to the Latin Mass the solution to the problems throughout Catholicism?  Can Christians really be this clueless? 

If you’re interested in a serious discussion about the problems we see around us, their true courses, and realistic solutions for them, then we can talk.  If Christian parents, regardless of their own education, do not place their children under the instruction of the classical liberal arts and Christian theology, they will be sending them into the world completely unprepared for what is coming.  The stupid and irresponsible confidence that Christians have in modern society is contradicted by everything they see going on around them.  Christian children need the wisdom of the classical liberal arts and the truth of divine revelation to guide them in the modern anti-Christian world.     Science will become more and more audaciously anti-Christian as its gains more and more control of our institutions.  It is the mantra of the newly elected administration and you will see that “Science” will be used to justify the demolition of western civilization, which was built by the classical liberal arts and Christian theology.  The pillars of Christian civilization have been under attack for 400 years, and it’s only a matter of time before they fall because Christians are no longer providing any real resistance.

I don’t believe in Science.  I believe in God, and I understand the proofs of Christian philosophy, which leave very little (if any) need for anything modern science has to offer.   In modern society, we find a Christian population that doesn’t know Sacred Scripture and knows even less of Christian philosophy.  Whether they “believe in science” or not, they are in trouble.

William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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