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Focusing on Classical Studies (Important)

Dear friends,

One problem I speak of frequently is the tendency for Catholic homeschool families to drift away from challenging classical studies and allow the homeschool to degenerate into modern grade level studies.  I have to resist this in the Academy because it is not our mission.

I see many students in the Academy who rarely work on courses other than modern, grade level courses like Elementary Grammar and Modern Arithmetic.  We get support requests throughout the week for help with these courses and I am not interested in giving more attention to them.

If parents are interested in receiving support for their children in Grammar and Mathematics studies, they must be moving towards classical studies.  They must be studying Classical Grammar or Intro to Classical Arithmetic, rather than spending an inordinate amount of time and attention on Elementary Grammar and Modern Arithmetic. These courses are offered in the Academy to supplement classical studies–not replace them.

We will no longer be providing live support for these elementary modern courses, but will continue to host the study materials for use as supplements to the classical liberal arts curriculum.  We encourage students to focus on classical studies and, if Latin Grammar, Latin Reading, and Classical Arithmetic and Classical Geometry are considered too difficult–which I would disagree with–then students should be working in Classical Grammar and/or Intro to Classical Arithmetic, not spending the bulk of their study time on Elementary Grammar and Modern Arithmetic.

Let’s stay focused on the goal of Catholic education, which is the pursuit of Wisdom.  The Academy should not be considered a cheap source for modern courses, for this is not our mission or intention in offering them.

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy


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