Afraid to Cross the Old Fence Line

When we kept sheep, we used electric fencing to control their grazing. They’d learn where the fences were and eventually stay away from them.

However, when we wished to move the sheep, we’d take down a line of the electric fencing and give them access to an area of fresh pasture.

But they wouldn’t go.

Even through the electric fencing was gone, the sheep wouldn’t cross the place where the fencing was. They were trained to stay away from that spot–and they did.

In my experience, this is what it’s like working with homeschool parents. They have been raised in K-12 schools and they have learned all the rules. But when they choose to homeschool and the school rules are moved out of the way, they are afraid to cross those lines–even though they’re free to do so.

In order for homeschooling to fulfill its potential, parents will need to learn to move out from the K-12 box and make use of their freedom to do more. Until then, homeschool families will go on, allowing the schools to control their behavior–even though the schools have no power to do so.

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