THL-111 Baltimore Catechism II


Study Book II of the Baltimore Catechism, preparing students for the sacrament of Confirmation.  Online lessons, exams and support for only $25.


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Of the Baltimore Catechism, the USCCB writes, “Until the second half of the twentieth century, for millions of Catholics in the United States the word catechism meant the Baltimore Catechism, which originated at the Third Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1884 when the bishops of the United States decided to publish a national catechism. The Baltimore Catechism contained 421 questions and answers in thirty-seven chapters and gave unity to the teaching and understanding of the faith for millions of American Catholics.”

While the Catechism of the Catholic Church was published to help explain the Catholic faith to “people of goodwill in the contemporary world”, many Catholic parents prefer to use the old Baltimore Catechism to provide proven, easy-to-manage religious instruction for their children.

Originally, the Baltimore Catechism was intended to be used as follows:

This course provides not only all of the content of Book II, but also the explanatory lessons that were provided by the Church for Sunday School teachers in Book IV.

Baltimore Catechism Contents

Baltimore Catechism II provides faithful instruction on the following prayers and subjects.


  1. The Lord’s Prayer
  2. The Angelical Salutation
  3. The Apostles’ Creed
  4. The Confiteor
  5. An Act of Faith
  6. An Act of Hope
  7. An Act of Love
  8. An Act of Contrition
  9. The Blessing before Meals
  10. Grace after Meals
  11. The Manner in Which a Lay Person Is to Baptize in Case of Necessity


  1. On the End of Man
  2. On God and His Perfections
  3. On the Unity and Trinity of God
  4. On Creation
  5. On Our First Parents and the Fall
  6. On Sin and Its Kinds
  7. On the Incarnation and Redemption
  8. On Our Lord’s Passion, Death, Resurrection and Ascension
  9. On the Holy Ghost and His Descent Upon the Apostles
  10. On the Effects of the Redemption
  11. On the Church
  12. On the Attributes and Marks of the Church
  13. On the Sacraments in General
  14. On Baptism
  15. On Confirmation
  16. On the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Ghost
  17. On the Sacrament of Penance
  18. On Contrition
  19. On Confession
  20. On the Manner of Making a Good Confession
  21. On Indulgences
  22. On the Holy Eucharist
  23. On the Ends for which the Holy Eucharist was Instituted
  24. On the Sacrifice of the Mass
  25. On Extreme Unction and Holy Orders
  26. On Matrimony
  27. On the Sacramentals
  28. On Prayer
  29. On the Commandments of God
  30. On the First Commandment
  31. The First Commandment–On the Honor and Invocation of the Saints
  32. From the Second to the Fourth Commandment
  33. From the Fourth to the Seventh Commandment
  34. From the Seventh to the Tenth Commandment
  35. On the First and Second Commandments of the Church
  36. On the Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Commandments of the Church
  37. On the Last Judgment and Resurrection, Hell, Purgatory and Heaven