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Refund Policy

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy has arranged for users to make enrollment arrangements and online purchases indepently and does not maintain a customer service staff for financial matters. We ask users to make every effort to ask for help before making purchases on the website.

1. Individual Course Enrollments

Individual course enrollments are refundable until the time that the course is accessed on the Academy Study Center. Once the course is accessed by the user, the course enrollment payment is not refundable. By “access” we mean that a user enrolls in the course on the Academy Study Center using the paid enrollment method.

2. Subscription Plans

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy offers monthly enrollment plans that give users full access to our courses and services the moment their subscription is created. Users are free to cancel their subscriptions at any time, which is a great convenience. Therefore, if a user wishes to end an enrollment subscription, he must cancel his subscription immediately. There will be, however, no refund unless the user has not yet accessed any course as a subscriber, and that will be for the first month of the subscription only. By “access” we mean that a user enrolls in the course on the Academy Study Center using the subscriber enrollment method.

3. Annual Subscription Plans

Annual subscription plans are offered to experienced users who plan to study in the Academy for the entire year. As a reward for such a commitment, we offer two free months of enrollment. An annual subscription payment is not refundable under any circumstances unless the user has never yet accessed a course as a subscriber and a refund request is made within 7 days of payment. The reason for this strict refund policy on annual subscription is that these are intended for experienced users only and significantly affect our yearly planning. They are not intended for new users “looking for a bargain”.

4. Tutoring & Consultation

When tutoring and consultation appointments are scheduled, with payment, we immediately begin adjusting our schedules for these meetings. These meetings cannot be canceled or refunded once made. We ask that users think carefully before making scheduling these meetings.

5. Books & Apparel

No refunds or returns are permitted for books or apparel unless the Academy delivers a product that was not ordered. For example, if you order a Bible and we send you a yellow shirt, you may return the shirt and obtain a refund. Purchases made from the Academy bookstore should be considered financial contributions to the Academy. We are not competing with other stores for retail business. If you are uncertain that a certain book or product is what you want, you should purchase from a store with a more generous return and refund policy.

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