CLAA Student Plan

$25.00 / month

This subscription provides a student with access to all necessary course materials, assessments and support.

  • access to all online courses
  • access to all needed study materials
  • online quizzes and records
  • written assignments & grading (as time allows)
  • 24 hour email support

Want to enroll the whole family?  Consider our Family Plan.

Enter the full name of the student for whom this enrollment is being purchased.



Warning:  One of the dangers homeschool parents face is the tendency to bite off more than they can chew.  The Student Plan gives a student access to any and all courses that the Academy offers, but students should only see, on their dashboards, courses that they are currently working on.  Please do not add more courses than the student can manage because a long list of courses can overwhelm a student and make it difficult to make daily progress.  Be sure to establish a daily plan for the student that allows him to focus on a small number of tasks.

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