CLAA Premium Student Plan

$125.00 / month

The CLAA Premium Student Plan provides a student with access to all of the Academy’s online courses, along with our best assessment and support services.

Important:  A Premium subscription is required for live chat support.

Provide student’s first and last name.

Student date of birth is used for identification purposes only.


Image of William C. Michael, Headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Mr. William C. Michael

The Premium Student Plan is the best available enrollment option for an individual student.

Course Enrollment

The Student Plan provides individual students in a single family with affordable access to all of the Academy’s self-paced, online courses.  After creating a subscription, the subscriber may add courses using the Academy Catalog, entering the coupon SUBSCRIBER to remove course enrollment costs.


A student enrolled in the Premium Student Plan has access to all of the online quizzes and assignments on the Academy Study Center .  Grading of written assignments is completed daily with premium subscribers being guaranteed grading in 24 hours.  All student grades and records are kept in the Study Center gradebooks. Only premium students may request letters of reference at the end of their Academy studies.


A student enrolled in the Premium Student Plan enjoys a weekly one hour live-chat meeting with Academy headmaster Mr. William C. Michael for assignment grading, lesson assistance and academic planning. Mr. Michael is leader researcher and consultant in classical Catholic education with over 20 years of full-time experience as a classicist, teacher and school administrator.  He tutored students at a rate $70 per hour before founding the Academy in 2008, but this plan makes tutoring available at a rate of only $25 per hour.

In addition to this, everyday access to support is also available on the Academy Forums and email.

Note:  Parents with one or more children subscribed to an Academy Premium plan may be eligible to receive Assistant privileges in the Study Center, giving them access to assessment results.  Contact Mr. Michael for more information.

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