2023 Weekly Student Planner

The following planners are used in my tutoring sessions with Premium Students in the Academy. These planners provide a simple but effective means of collaborating between tutors, parents and students throughout the week.

During our first tutoring sessions, I will set up a planner for a student, and add a link to his planner from his student profile on the Academy Student Center. Students and parents can view the planner, complete listed tasks and add comments as they do so. Once prepared, I receive notifications every time a student or parent adds a comment, allowing me to track a student’s progress throughout the week.

For parents not subscribed to a Premium subscription plan, individual tutoring sessions and/or consultation meetings may be arranged at any time for help with planning.

God bless,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

P.S. Free CLAA Google email/app accounts are available if needed.

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