CLAA Student Plan

$25.00 / month

The Student Plan is intended to provide a student with full access to necessary course materials, assessments and support in the Academy Study Center.

Student Name

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Only $25 per month for access to all online courses, the CLAA Student Plan is really an amazing opportunity. (See the reviews.)

This simple enrollment subscription includes:

  • access to all online courses
  • access to all needed study materials
  • online quizzes and records
  • written assignments & grading*
  • access to CLAA Help Center

Grading for Student Plan subscribers is minimal.  We provide a score for submitted work and general comments that can help students improve their scores by re-submission.  Grading is offered to Student Plan subscribers as time allows.  For individualized grading with feedback, the Premium Student Plan is necessary.

Want to enroll the whole family?  Consider our Family Plan.

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  1. William C. Michael

    William C. Michael

    If you’ve subscribed to the CLAA Student Plan, please leave a review!

  2. Avatar

    Brittany Garcia (verified owner)

    It is my deepest desire that my kids would be educated in the same way the saints and ancient philosophers would have been. I cycled through all the other “classical” programs but truly nothing felt quite right. Something always led me on to keep searching. When I finally found CLAA (while my kids are still young thank God) the truth in the teaching came through loud and clear. This beautiful curriculum keeps us steeped in the catholic faith, ancient texts and timeless tales all day long. I’ll never change, for what could be better?

  3. Avatar

    Gabrielle Park (verified owner)

    We have used the Student Plan for just about a year. It has everything you need to get started with a Classical Education. The simple design , the price and the material that is available for the Student subscription is remarkable, we all have learned so much.It has brought peace to our home, and my children look forward their studies.

  4. Avatar

    Christine Welsing (verified owner)

    I have homeschooled for 15 years now and have never found anything quite like this program. Many say classical studies, however we would end up in the same rut of hurrying through text/workbooks just to get done. We started CLAA September 2022 with our youngest two children and already the results are amazing. From day one my 7th grade son was interested in the Latin and World Chronology. He never enjoyed writing until this year. Now I don’t even have to ask him to write he just does it on his own, in CLAA and just for fun. I truly appreciate all the work Mr. & Mrs. Michael have put into this truly Catholic Classical curriculum. We are just getting our feet wet, but look forward to a life time of studies. God bless CLAA!

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