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Military Careers for Catholic Homeschool Students

My daughter Elizabeth (21), being congratulated by the Surgeon General of the US Army after earning the Expert Field Medical badge this week.

In Catholic homeschool circles, most students talk about three options as they approach adulthood:

  1. Religious vocations (rare)
  2. College studies
  3. Full-time work

Outside of religious vocations, which are extremely rare today, college studies and full-time work can present real financial challenges to young Catholic adults. What few homeschool students talk about are the great military opportunities available to them.

When most people think about the military, they think about soldiers being sent into combat with machine guns, but that’s a very small part of what our military does.

The American military is an enormous institution that depends on every kind professional work: doctors, lawyers, chaplains, programmers, engineers, nurses, police officers, mechanics, cooks, on and on. The military provides the finest training in all of these professional fields and pays for soldiers to go to college. American students have many great opportunities because of the size and complexity of the US military.

My eldest three children all chose to pursue military careers when they finished high school–and most my younger children plan to do the same. They chose, however, to begin the Army Reserves and go to college full time. So, after spending a year in training, they started their college studies, with their tuition paid. Jonathan, my eldest, became an ROTC cadet and picked up a monthly stipend in addition to his tuition payments. Elizabeth is a medic and is receiving amazing medical training while in college full-time. David is a combat engineer in the Reserves and is getting started with his college studies this year.

Outside of common personal expenses, I’m paying nothing for my eldest three home-schooled children to go to college and receive professional training from the military. Plus, as soon as they finish their studies, there’s no job-hunting or uncertainty. They move right into full-time military careers until their contracts are fulfilled, or as long as they wish to remain in the military.

My son Jonathan (22, left) at an Army ROTC training event.

If a student doesn’t already have a clear–and responsible–plan for his adult life, I strongly recommend considering the military as a means of getting started on a strong financial foundation, with first-class professional training and college tuition assistance.

Here are some links to get started:

If you have questions about military options for Catholic homeschool students, please feel free to contact me.

God bless your studies,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

My son David (18) at a military training exercise after finishing high school.

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