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Dear friends,

Enroll in the Academy Tutorial Program

The end of my work in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy is to restore real classical Catholic education. This is not limited to the publication of the classical Catholic curriculum, but to leading students to the mastery of that curriculum so that this quality of study and breadth of learning can be restored once again in the Catholic Church.

The Academy’s online program can be scaled to serve an unlimited number of students, but tutoring is limited. This is especially true for tutoring sessions offered to individual students. Because of this, I have to make sure that the students receiving the available tutoring sessions make responsible use of them. If they do not, I must give them to students who will.

All students are welcome to begin tutoring sessions. Parents simply need to make subscription arrangements and schedule weekly meeting times. However, to continue in a tutoring relationship, students must complete weekly tasks that are given them. Tutored students must work to make reasonable progress in classical Catholic studies each week. Tutoring is not a substitute for private study of the Academy’s published lessons. The published lessons are the Academy’s official source of instruction, provided by the masters themselves, and tutoring is a means of support for students as they work through these lessons.

Tutoring provides students with the following benefits.

  • Planning to help students prioritize study tasks.
  • Help with questions that arise from weekly studies.
  • Help with assessment and records.
  • Accountability for weekly study progress.
  • Encouragement for classical Catholic studies.

Tutoring, again, is not a substitute for the private study of published Academy lessons. Students should arrive for tutoring sessions with tasks completed, planners updated, and questions prepared.

I understand that students will not be able to make constant progress every week, and that studies are often disturbed by family activities, sickness, interruptions, etc. The same will be true on my end and this is not a problem. Parents and students should simply communicate when studies will not be possible and may cancel meetings when they are not going to be prepared. What will not be allowed is for students to show up for tutoring sessions having done no work since the previous meeting.

I will use a simple three-strike policy with regard to student progress. If a student meets for a tutoring session and has few or no tasks completed, he will receive one strike. If a student receives three strikes in one academic year, I will make his tutoring session available for students currently on my waiting list for tutoring. Each academic year, a student’s strikes will be erased and he’ll enjoy a fresh start. Three strikes, however, and you’re out.

This policy will challenge students to work and parents to supervise their children’s studies throughout the week. It will promote the end for which these tutoring sessions are being offered, namely, to restore true classical learning among Catholic students.

God bless,

Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy

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