Image of William C. Michael, Headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy
Mr. Michael is the founding headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, with over 20 years of full-time teaching and tutoring experience.

If you would like to provide your child with the best classical Catholic tutoring available anywhere today, you can do so by scheduling tutoring sessions with William C. Michael, the founding headmaster of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. Mr. Michael has over 20 years of full-time teaching experience and has successfully helped students prepare for admission to the finest universities, seminaries and religious communities in the world.

Benefits of Tutoring

First, when we consider the content of a classical Catholic education, we find that it leads students through the classical languages and arts of composition. It is very difficult to master these arts studying in isolation, without expert tutoring, and without the opportunity to study with oral instruction. Writing is an extremely slow and unnatural means of learning and, if relied upon exclusively, will prevent students from progressing as quickly and easily as they can by oral instruction.

Second, parents rarely have the time or expertise to guide their children to mastery in classical Catholic studies. Many parents would make better use of their time working professionally or caring for other children, while allowing a child to work directly with an expert tutor. It is easier to find money to pay for expert tutoring than to become an expert tutor. By partnering with a tutor, parents can give their energy to the tasks they do best, which brings the greatest benefit to the family.

Third, when a student develops a working relationship with an expert tutor, the sky becomes the limit for academic achievement. An expert tutor can continue to guide and support a student as high as he wishes to ascend in studies across all subjects. Parents need to simply exchange money for the time and service they desire, which is a simple exchange that supports the tutor’s work and the student’s achievement.

Fourth, tutoring allows for specialized preparation over time as students begin to identify their vocational interests. Assistance with specific admission requirements, standardized tests, etc., is possible with expert tutoring. When the time comes to apply for admission to a selective university, seminary or religious community, the recommendation of an expert tutor, outside the family, who has worked intimately with a student, provides a great advantage. An expert tutor can not only help with preparation for a student’s future plans, but can help him transition into them as well.

Fifth, students enjoy the moral and intellectual benefits (rare today) of being influenced by a classical Catholic tutor in a stable environment–their own home. Parents should understand tutoring to be a long-term partnership with a tutor they trust for the education of their children. There are many lessons to be learned by imitation and this is only possible with a tutor who is confident in the Catholic faith, successful in academic and professional life, experienced as a Catholic father and tireless in his work.

Costs of Tutoring

Expert tutoring is expensive because of the individualized attention and service a student receives from a teacher whose services are in high demand and who has many other responsibilities. Mr. Michael offers tutoring services to Classical Liberal Arts Academy students at a rate of $50 per hour, which is a discounted rate from what he is offered to tutor students outside of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. Parents must consider the value of the benefits listed above and the challenge of the work an expert tutor faces in providing them. Tutoring is a significant investment that must be considered a financial priority.

All tutoring services are billed monthly, after tutoring is received, and payment is due upon receipt of an invoice from Mr. Michael by email.

Schedule Tutoring

Tutoring is available for any course offered by the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, in which a student is enrolled. Parents can arrange individual times for tutoring throughout the year, or arrange regular, scheduled weekly meeting times. There is no limit to how much tutoring time may be scheduled, and parents seeking recurring tutoring meetings will be given priority over parents interetsed in on-demand tutoring. Tutoring can begin at any time and can be arranged during the school year or year-round.

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