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Private tutoring services by William C. MIchael for the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we provide students with free access to the classical Catholic curriculum because, in God’s providence, some students come along who are able to make progress in real classical studies without the help of a tutor.  Most students, however, will need the assistance of an expert tutor to make progress.  We are happy to provide this rare service for Catholic homeschool students.

What is a Tutor?

In modern circles, living teachers are set up as the sources of information in all subjects and students are made dependent on them for their “education”.  Teachers give lectures and direct activities in class, and student “grades” are based on these lectures and activities.  Teachers choose what is taught in a subject and what is omitted.  Teachers conduct assessments and assign grades according to their own judgment.  Most modern students see “studying” as something they do “for school” and when their required school years are completed, studying stops.  All of this is bad.

When we begin with the classical Catholic curriculum, and the authoritative texts of which it is composed, we find that the teachers are not living professionals, but history’s wisest and best men.  The goal for a student is to learn what these men have taught in a number of subjects that are not invented by schools, but are the real parts of true Wisdom.  These are Grammar, Reasoning, Rhetoric, Arithmetic, Geometry, Music, Astronomy, Moral Philosophy, Natural Philosophy and Catholic Theology.  The teaching has already been published and has been studied for centuries by Catholic students.  Students have no need of teachers today, but tutors, whose role is very different.

tutor (n.) One employed in the supervision and instruction of a youth in a private household.

Unlike a “teacher” in modern education, a tutor does not consider himself to be a source of instruction, but an experienced fellow-student of the masters.   A tutor is one who has experience in the study of the authoritative texts and is able to help a student work efficiently toward mastery of them, saving him a great deal of time and effort.  Because of his own successful work as a student, a tutor can lead a student by personal experience, answering questions arising from lessons, giving practical advice in studying, and protecting a student from confusion and mistakes that prevent progress.

Classical Catholic Tutoring

Catholic parents are not merely responsible to help their children obtain high school diplomas or college admission. Parents are responsible “to educate them in the right use of their reason and freedom”.  This education is not available from modern schools or teachers, but only through the classical Catholic curriculum.  The Catholic Church further teaches that “parents have the right to choose a school for them which corresponds to their own convictions.”  In our generation, millions of parents are choosing to “homeschool” their children (as they should), but need help from an expert  tutor who shares their values and understands the challenges and opportunities in homeschooling.  We are happy to be able to provide that tutoring.

How Tutoring Works in the CLAA

With free access to the entire classical Catholic curriculum, we are able to direct students in their studies without any concerns about study materials. When tutoring begins for a student, we establish a study plan for the student and determine how often tutoring sessions should be arranged to accomplish the parents’ goals.  Meetings begin using text chat on the Academy website until students begin making progress and the need for video meetings become necessary.

During tutoring sessions, I review the work that the student has completed since our previous meeting and update the student’s records to track his progress.  I discuss the studies with the student and make sure any questions are answered that will help a student continue making steady progress.  I assess student mastery of lessons and allow the student to progress more quickly, without using online assessments.  I providet the student with a person to discuss his studies with to help cultivate his intellectual culture.  Over time,  I get to know the student personally and can begin to work more intensely with him as he not only works through the curriculum, but begins to make preparations for his adult vocation.  Parents determine how often we meet and how our time is spent and, over time, parents can sense how much time is needed.

Note:  Outside of tutoring meetings, pupils may contact me any time they need help by chat or email.  The more we communicate during the week, the better use we can make of our scheduled tutoring meetings.  

How to Get Started

Tutoring is avaliable for all enrolled students ages 12 and above.   When scheduling a tutoring session, parents can identify the student to be tutored and what the goal of the tutoring session will be.  To schedule a tutoring session, using button below.


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