Teaching in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy is working “to research, restore, publish and teach the classical liberal arts”. In addition to this, the Academy works to make a full collection of self-paced, online courses available to students in modern subjects including the English language arts, modern Mathematics, modern Natural Sciences, and the fine arts. The breadth of this mission requires the collaboration of qualified teachers who share our mission and are capable of teaching at a level sufficient for the Academy’s students.

Courses Available

  • Elementary English Grammar
  • Latin Vocabulary
  • Greek Vocabulary
  • English Composition
  • Modern Arithmetic I
  • Modern Arithmetic II
  • Modern Arithmetic III
  • Modern Algebra I
  • Modern Algebra II
  • Modern Physics
  • Modern Biology
  • Modern Chemistry
  • Catholic Bible I
  • Catholic Bible II
  • Baltimore Catechism I
  • Sacred Scripture I-V
  • World Geography
  • Ancient History
  • Classical History
  • Medieval History
  • Modern History
  • American Government
  • Economics
  • English Literature I (Ancient)
  • English Literature II (Medieval)
  • English Literature III (Modern I)
  • English Literature IV (Modern II)
  • Art History
  • Music History
  • Vocal Music (Theory)
  • Gregorian Chant (Theory)
  • Piano (Theory)

We welcome any suggestions for new courses to be added to the Academy’s online course offering.


  • Free enrollment in Academy courses for self and children
  • Free tutorial meetings with Mr. Michael for self and children
  • 90% of all direct course enrollment fees
  • 90% of all tutoring fees
  • free course consultations with Mr. Michael
  • free promotion of courses by the Academy

The benefits above will be provided as long as the responsibilities below continue with the approval of the Academy headmaster. The Classical Liberal Arts Academy reserves the right to cancel courses and terminate a teacher’s role at any time, at the discretion of the Academy headmaster. If a teacher is removed, all course material produced by the teacher will also be removed. If a teacher chooses to withdraw from a course, all benefits end immediately and the Academy reserves the right to retain and continue using the material that has been produced.

All income received by the Academy through the Student and Family subscription plans belongs to the Academy.


  • Prepare and maintain all course lesson content for course using sources provided.
  • Prepare and maintain all assessments for course.
  • Review all submitted work for course within 24 hours.
  • Continually improve course content and assessments.
  • Promote course for enrollment on social media, Academy website, privately.
  • Develop and demonstrate mastery by monthly contributions made to Academy blog.
  • Develop and demonstrate professional skill by personal study.
  • Respond to course-related questions on Academy forums.
  • Observe judgments made by Academy headmaster regarding any course’s content, method, etc..


  • All teachers must embrace the mission of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.
  • All teachers must be members of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • All teachers must understand the principles of classical Catholic education.
  • All teachers must have academic and professional qualifications appropriate for their course(s).
  • All teachers must have technical competence to complete necessary tasks required by their course(s).
  • All teachers must be willing to submit to judgments made by the Academy headmaster regarding their course(s).
  • All teachers must be free from scandalous behavior in word and deed.

1 Applicants who, in exchange for teachers’ benefits, can serve a number of courses will be preferred over applicants who cannot.
2 Scandalous behavior includes foul language, support for conspiracy theories, immodest content and any disprespectful speech concerning the Papacy, clergy or secular government officials.

How to Apply

If you are confident that you meet the qualifications above, please send an up-to-date copy of your resume to mail@classicalliberalarts.com. In your email, please indicate the course(s) you are interested in teaching and explain why you should be considered for the opportunity.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly.

God bless,
William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy