The Right and Wrong Reasons for Scheduling

One of the most common questions I’m asked by homeschooling parent is, “How should we schedule our homeschool studies?” There are two motives for scheduling.  One is good, and one is bad.  The right motive in scheduling is to prevent time being wasted on tasks and activities that are not one’s necessary work. A good … Continue

Teaching Good Habits

This is a reprint of a popular article that was originally published in 2010. From my daily interaction with parents, I see many of the common problems they face and the solutions suggested to them by many different sources. However, these suggestions rarely come from the wisdom of Scripture, or from the teachings of the … Continue

CLAA Homeschool Schedule (2009)

This article was originally published in 2009. -WM The goal of a quality home school is not merely to get children through lessons.  The true goal is to provide your children with the best possible education and promote the overall happiness of your family.  Education, when done rightly can be simple and stress-free, even with a … Continue