Homer and Homeschooling in Ancient Greece

Recently, I have been enjoying an old book on ancient Greek education. In it, the author discusses the early education of Greek children in the ancient world. He explains that the education was based on the writings of the poets, and particularly of Homer. I believe homeschooling parents will find this helpful. “The study of … Read more

Faith and Reason: The Source of Classical Education

As we begin our study of the classical liberal arts, we will first consider the philosophy behind this ancient system of learning. Ancient education grew from man’s nature and man’s respons to God’s revelation, that is, through faith and reason. We will see that modern educational philosophies are not alternatives to the ancient system but … Read more

Getting Started in Classical Astronomy

Dear friends, It will be along time before any “high school” students take up the formal study of Classical Astronomy in Ptolemy’s Almagest.  In fact, few may ever do so.  It’s very difficult and will likely require the help of a tutor. As an alternative, I recommend that students study Aristotle’s Physics and then his … Read more

Getting Started in Scholastic Philosophy

  The Problem with “Modern” Catholicism No, it’s not the Second Vatican Council.  No, it’s not the “Novus Ordo” Mass.  No, it’s not scandals in the clergy.  No, it’s not the use of the English language.  No, it’s not Pope Francis. The common scapegoats attacked by Catholics are superficial reactions to imaginary controversies stirred up … Read more

Getting Started with the Art of Reasoning

The most important study in the classical Catholic curriculum is, without question, the art of Reasoning.  In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, we study all of Aristotle’s works on the subject, contained in his famous “Organon”.  I believe this first video, introducing Aristotle’s Categories, give a good introduction to the challenges of the study, and … Read more

Plato on Moral Education

It’s common to hear homeschool parents speak about their plans to “raise saints”, but the results of 40+ years of homeschooling in America suggest we’re not doing that.  We may be raising children who have higher test scores than their public school peers, and children who do well avoid scandalous sins, and children who go … Read more

Alcuin (735-804 AD) and the Seven Liberal Arts

The Classical Liberal Arts Academy is the only source for the education that existed throughout Church history.  Anything else called “classical” or “Catholic” has no basis in history.  In the Academy, I have provided all of the evidence necessary to support these claims, and add more to it with this post.  The text below is … Read more

The Seven Liberal Arts

Many coming into the Classical Liberal Arts Academy treat me with suspicion when I speak of teaching the seven classical liberal arts.  Throughout history, the classical liberal arts were the ONLY studies known to Catholics, and the focus of the education of every saint you can name. In fact, the Catholic Encyclopedia, published in 1907, … Read more