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May I use my notes/lesson when taking a quiz?

Quizzes are used for three purposes:

  1. to help students develop mastery of course content;
  2. to allow students to demonstrate mastery of course content;
  3. to review past lessons to retain master of couse content.

Therefore, after studying a lesson, you should take a quiz to test your understanding. After taking the quiz, if you do not score 100%, you should review your results, then go back to your lesson or notes to review what you didn’t understand. You can continue doing this until you earn a perfect 100% score. This serves the first purpose of the quiz.

After you have reached a 100% score, you should take the quiz until you can earn a 100% score with no help from your lesson or notes. This serves the second purpose of the quiz.

As you continue in the course, you should go back to past lessons and review by taking quizzes. By reviewing quizzes regularly, you will keep past lesson content in mind, which will help you pass comprehensive exams. This serves the third purpose of the quiz.

Remember that only your highest score is recorded and you can take quizzes as many times as you wish.

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