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In English Reading, how can we study a selection before we read it?

A student asked,

“I’m having some confusion in the first lesson of English Reading 5, it says: “It is necessary to study the selection carefully before attempting to read it.” I’m confused, don’t you have to read in order to study? What is the selection?”

This is a good question.

When your reading lesson speaks of “reading” it means reading out loud, usually to others. What the lesson is saying is that you should not attempt to read to others out loud before you have studied the passage (selection) yourself and made sure you understand the ideas and know all of the words, so you can read and express them well out loud.

Reading out loud is like acting. If you watch a bad actor, you will see that he hasn’t really studied the part he’s playing or the scene he’s acting in. He doesn’t express the feelings or ideas well in how he presents them. The same is true in reading. If we don’t take time to study the selection, think about it, make sure we understand it, etc., we won’t be able to read it well out loud. So, “reading” refers to the art of reading out loud effectively.

By “selection” is meant the passage we are to read.

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