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I’m having trouble on a quiz. Can I get help?

Quizzes are intended to help students develop their mastery of a lesson, and also to allow them to demonstrate when mastery is attained. Students are expected to study carefully and pass quizzes with no help.

Students may take quizzes, review lessons and take quizzes again–as many times as they please. They should continue doing so not only until they pass with a 90% score, but until they are able to earn 100% scores. As they continue studying, they should review old lessons and re-take old quizzes to make sure past lessons aren’t forgotten.

Sometimes, however, students need help. For example, a student may enter a good answer that isn’t accepted by the quiz answer key. We can fix that. Or, a student may not understand what a question is asking for and be entering an answer that seems right but is not.

Note: We usually will not help students with quizzes until they have reached a score of 90%.

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