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How to enroll as a free Parish student?

Before enrolling in courses as a free parish student, two tasks must be complete:

1.  Your parish must be registered with the Academy.

2. Your family must be registered as a parish family.

For more information, visit:

Once your parish and family are registered, follow these steps to enroll in courses:

1. Create a student account on the CLAA Study Center at

2. After creating a student account, sign into that account.

3.  Select a desired course on the Study Center.  

4.  When asked for enrollment information, find the Parish Enrollment section and enter the enrollment key “parish”. (See image below.)

5. Once added, the course will be available immediately for study.

6. Repeat this for any other courses desired.

Please note that the free Parish enrollment option is intended to help parish priests who wish to provide Catholic education for their parishioners (i.e., other people’s children).  It is not to be used by homeschooling families.

If you need help at any step of the way, please contact us.  

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