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How should I manage my studies on the CLAA Study Center?

The CLAA Study Center presents students with tasks to work on and tracks all of their progress automatically, 24 hours a day, every day. Learning how to use the Study Center can help students improve their progress and fulfill their potential.

1. Organize Your Dashboard.

The CLAA offers over 100 courses and students may be enrolled in many courses. Not all courses, however, should be treated equally. Students should go to their Dashboard (1), then “Star” core courses, which they should be focused on daily. To do this, click on the three dots (2) to the right of the course title on the Dashboard and select “Star this Course”. Then, under the “Course Overview” (3) set the Dashboard view to “Starred” and only the starred courses will appear daily. The view can be changed to view other courses at any time.

2. Mark Completed Tasks to Show Present Place in Course

Often, students do not complete tasks in order and this created confusion. By working one activity at a time, from top to bottom, progress in a course can be easily seen. On the screenshot below, we can see that a student is completing tasks marked with the green “Done” sticker (1). We can also see the first incomplete tasks, where the student should work next (2). This is available for all courses and allows students to easily track their own progress in courses and keep moving forward.

Note: Courses are often improved with activites added after students have moved on from those lessons. When this happens, students should complete those new tasks as they will provide better assessment and improve student mastery (which should be every student’s goal). Students can, in such situations, go back to complete new activities being added while also continuing to new lessons as they were. This is not an either/or issue, but both/and.

3. Monitor Overall Course Grades

Students can see all of their current course grades by clicking on their profile image at the top, right of the Study Center (1), then selecting “Grades”. This will open the course grades page, where students can find their lowest grades (2). By clicking on the course name students can then find the activities that are holding their grade down and can raise them.

4. Raise Low Grades

One of the greatest advantages of studying in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy is that students can continue to review past lessons and raise scores of past activities. To do this, simply select the “Grades” tab (1) on a course page, then locate the activities with the lowest scores. Review those lessons, re-submit the activities and raise your scores.

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