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How do I enroll a student in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy?

To enroll in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, the instructions below must be followed.  

Step 1. Choose Enrollment Method

Method 1.  Enroll with Subscription Plan

Regular access to Academy courses is available with a subscription plan. Once your subscription is active, use the enrollment key “subscriber” to add courses at no additional cost. 

  • Student Plan ($25/month)
    Access for 1 student to all course materials, online assessment, records and support. 
  • Family Plan ($100/month)
    Student Plan access for all students in one family.  
  • Premium Student Plan ($100/month)
    Student Plan plus access to written assessments, individualized grading & feedback, weekly student planner and tutorial meetings.  
  • Premium Family Plan ($250/month)
    Premium Student Plan access for all students in one family.

Method 2.  Enroll in Individual Course(s)

Remember: Enrollment in individual courses is included with subscription plans above.

If you would like to enroll in one or more courses without a monthly subscription, simply purchase course access here on the Study Center.  Purchased courses will be accessible immediately after payment is made.  Courses purchased individually have no expiration date.

Step 2. Create Study Center Account(s)

Create student accounts for all users who will be studying. 

Step 3. Add Courses and Begin Studies

To add courses, first login to the desired student account.  Select desired courses from the course list below, and choose the enrollment option that best serves your goals.

For help selecting courses, click here.  

As soon as a course is added, studies may begin. Students may work at their own pace, with no deadlines.

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