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Correspondence Studies

If you are a Catholic parent who would like to give your children a classical Catholic education but are not interested in having your children study online, you may be interested in correspondence studies in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.

This option is available to students enrolled in our Premium Student Plan.

What are Correspondence Studies?

Correspondence Studies are studied conducted privately and offline between me and an individual student. Rather than having a student access study materials and resources on the Academy website, I provide the study materials to a parent (or student) by email, on a weekly basis, by email. The student completes the assigned work and returns it to me for grading. I update the student’s records. Then, I send the student’s work for the next week. Any time the parent or student has a quesition or needs help, they communicate by email. The studies, then, are conducted offline, with email being the primary means of “correspondence” between us.

What are the benefits of Correspondence Studies?

The primary benefit of Correspondence Studies is that a student is able to enjoy a classical Catholic education without the temptations and distractions of the internet. For most students, the benefits of online courses are simply overwhelmed by the distractions of online content, including ads, search engine results, suggested content, etc.

In addition to this obvious benefit, being able to work in a quieter, more careful manner by means of a slower and more thoughtful means of communication (email) allows a student to remain in a state of mind more conducive to real classical Catholic studies. Real study requires solitude, in which a student is able to read, memorize, reflect, etc. This can be promoted through Correspondence Studies.

What is needed for Correspondence Studies?

  1. Computer with internect connection
    Lesson materials and instructions will be delivered weekly to parents by email. All that is needed for this is a basic computer with internet access. High speed internet is not required for correspondence studies.
  2. Reliable black-and-white printer (Optional)
    If parents wish to print lesson materials for students to work with offline, then a reliable printer will be needed. There will be no need for color printing, so a simple black-and-white printer will be sufficient.
  3. Scanning device
    If parents have students work offline, on paper, completing assignments by hand, then a device will be needed to scan and convert papers into portable document files (PDFs) for submission to the Academy. This can be done using a scanner built into a printer, or using the Adobe Scan app on a smartphone.

How do we get started?

If Correspondence Studies sound like a good option for you, getting started is easy.

  1. Subscribe to the Premium Student Plan
    This subscription is required for any student interested in Correspondence Studies. It provides for the individualized attention and private correspondence needed for this arrangement. No other costs are required.
  2. Submit the Correspondence Studies enrollment form below.

Correspondence Studies Enrollment Form

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