New! Forums for Enrolled/Prospective Parents

New! Forums for Enrolled/Prospective Parents

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

In recent weeks, I've been watching the students enjoy the use of the Academy's Student Forums, and seeing the questions and discussions that arise in our daily communication with Academy parents and have decided that I need to make forums available for parents where we--away from social media and all of its distractions--can discuss issues that relate to Catholic family life and education, among like-minded Catholic families.

We've had VERY active parent forums in the past, but moved away from them because I needed to focus my attention on curriculum development and other work.  I feel comfortable with where the curriculum work is at today and we have a great deal of interest in the Academy from young Catholic families.  Therefore, I think it's time for a new set of forums where Catholic parents can not only communicate with us in a single place, but with other Catholics and develop relationships that prove to be more helpful than many expect.

I have arranged a new Parents forum for all enrolled and prospective parents in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy.  

You are invited to create accounts and begin discussions immediately.  The location is easy to remember:

My wife and I will be using these forums as the hub for our communication with parents on all matters related to Catholic family life, education and homeschooling.  I think Catholic parents will enjoy fresh, honest, practical and challenging discussions here that they will not find elsewhere.  More importantly, Catholic parents will find experienced and informed help from other parents actually doing the work as they seek to fulfill their duties to their children in different circumstances.

There are no costs or subscriptions necessary for use of these forums.  Please join us today and get started by introducing yourself.  

God bless,
Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy