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Discussion Forums for Academy Students

by Mr. William Michael, O.P. -
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Dear friends,

As Catholic families living in the 21st century, it's becoming increasingly difficult for our children to connect with other children who share in their studies and interests.  We need to maintain our own privacy as families, and our children need to spend their time focused on their studies, but it is possible for children to enjoy a quality social channel through our student discussion forums.

I'd like to invite parents to allow their children to create accounts and join in the discussions on the Academy's student forums, which can be reached here:

All of the users on the student forums are students enrolled in the Academy.  The forum is open to children and parents, so all can help with supervision, but there are student moderators on the forums daily.  

We have provided many different discussion topics, providing for all interests, and all students are welcome to request new topics as desired.  The kids seem to have quite a good time on the forums, and I know my own children enjoy it. 

While we can certainly imagine more perfect social arrangements (who can't?), a Catholic-friendly student forum is a good starting point for Catholic homeschool students in this generation.   

God bless your families,
Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Society

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