Congratulations (again) to Gianna Bollig

Congratulations (again) to Gianna Bollig

by William Michael -
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This week, Gianna Bollig completed the Academy's PHL-102 course on Theophrastus' Characters.  

Theophrastus was the successor to Aristotle, his teacher, at the famous Lyceum in ancient Greece.  He famous wrote on natural philosophy, but published a work in moral philosophy titled "The Characters", which explains the behavior of bad men based on their defining vices.  This is an important moral study for students, which helped many writers in history develop the famous characters we read of today, but it's more valuable as a means of discerning the characters of men and women we meet in life.  

In the Academy, we offer students the opportunity to work through the thirty chapters of Theophrastus' Characters with helpful assessments--it's a great study.

Congratulations, Gianna!

God bless your studies,
Mr. Michael