IMPORTANT: Understanding Assignment Grading in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

IMPORTANT: Understanding Assignment Grading in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

It is important for parents and students to understand how assignments are scored in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy. 

Please take a minute and read through this message carefully.

One of the great advantages of studying in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy is the opportunity to re-submit assignments as many times as needed until a perfect score is reached.  Students and parents should understand this to be a part of the study process in the Academy and what the meanings of different scores are.

When a student submits an assignment for grading, it is understood that he has followed the instructions, and is submitting careful and complete work that demonstrates his mastery of the lesson.  Students should aim for a perfect score on their first submission.  If they do not, they may make several submissions, but this is the long way to get work done.

A student will be given one of three possible grades:

1.  0% Score (Failed)

A 0% score is given to an assignment that is not acceptable for grading.  Normally, this score is given because a student simply did not follow the assignment instructions.

2. 25% - 50% Score (Failed)

Assignments are graded one question at a time, from first to last.  When an incorrect answer is found, grading stops and the assignment is returned to the student for correction.  Depending on how much of the assignment is reviewed before incorrect answers are found, the score will be set at 25% or 50%.  The student must correct and re-submit the assignment to continue with grading.

3.  75% Score (Passed)

If an assignment is done completely and accurately, but has room for improvement, a grade of 75% will be given.  The student may review the lesson, improve the assignment and re-submit for full credit, but the assignment will be marked as "Passed".

4.  100% Score (Completed)

If an assignment is complete and accurate, a grade of 100% will be given.  This is the goal for every assignment.

Warning: Resubmission is a Privilege, not a Right

When a student submits incomplete work, he is normally given the opportunity to re-submit the work to gain credit and/or improve his score.  If any student is found to be cheating, submitting careless work, or using the grading process as a way of "getting through" assignments, the opportunity to re-submit will not be given and the student's grade on the assignment will be final.

If you have any questions about assignment grading, please contact me.

God bless your studies,
Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy