Tutoring Meetings Moving to Zoom

Tutoring Meetings Moving to Zoom

by Mr. William Michael, O.P. -
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Dear friends,

Since this summer, I have been meeting with students for tutoring using Google Meet.  While that has worked perfectly for me, it will cause some difficulties as we add tutors in the future.  A few students and parents have already run into these difficulties, which I'd like to avoid.

Beginning today, we will no longer be using Google Meet for tutoring, but will host tutoring sessions using Zoom meetings.  

Students can continue to access tutoring meetings using the same links:

I have added permanent links to these meeting rooms in the right menu on the Study Center.  If the links lead you to the old Google Meet meeting rooms, you'll need to clear your browser history.

God bless your studies,

Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy