Help with Written Exercises

Help with Written Exercises

by William Michael -
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Dear students,

For some courses, hand-written work will be necessary.  This includes courses like Algebra, Greek and so on.

I accept only text answers for assignments on the Study Center because assignments are graded and stored in our system.  If I allowed students to upload images or pdf copies of written work, the storage requirements would be too great.

Therefore, if there is a written problem that you would like me to check, you can upload an image or pdf copy to the course support forums on the Study Center.  

You can also request help with a problem and I'll post a solution with an explanation.  

After we've reviewed the work, I can delete these posts if necessary without affecting your records.

This kind of help will be available on the Course Support Forum for each course in the Study Center.  We'll be adding these forums this week.

God bless,

Mr. William C. Michael 

Classical Liberal Arts Academy