Fall Term 2022 Begins!

Fall Term 2022 Begins!

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

The 2022 Fall Term begins today, Monday September 12.  

Tutoring sessions will begin at 10am and continue through the Fall.  

Please note that my availability will be restricted during business hours (10a to 5p EST) to my scheduled tutoring students, so please allow 24 hours for email responses.  I will available on live chat later in the evenings (after 9p EST).  I will doing the majority of assignment grading on Saturdays.

May God give you all a fruitful Fall Term.  I am expecting extraordinary growth and progress in the Academy this year.  Please be patient with homeschooling and pray without ceasing.  With God all things are possible.

God bless your studies,

Mr. William C. Michael