Tutor/Parent Training is Available!

Tutor/Parent Training is Available!

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

By the grace of God, many Catholic parents are seeking to learn how they can give their children a timeless and trustworthy Catholic education.  They know that the what is available in modern Catholic schools and colleges is nothing like the education that was enjoyed by wise men and saints throughout history.  Yet, having received this modern education themselves, they do not know what that old education consisted of.  This makes helping their children all but impossible--the blind leading the blind.

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, the education known to the wise men and saints--REAL classical Catholic education--is being restored, but parents are uncomfortable with it because it is so foreign to them. This creates a real obstacle even for those parents who want it.

Well, I have some good news.

I am making a Tutor Training course available here on the Study Center for parents or any adults who wish to gain an understanding of classical Catholic education.

In this course, I will work directly with adult students to help them learn the history and principles of classical Catholic education so that they can understand this system of education and make expert use of it in the education of their own children.  

The cost of the course will be only $50 and this will include all of the necessary study materials, graded assignments and tutorial resources (as needed).  Enrollment is free for any parents subscribed to a Family Plan.

If enrollment develops and we have a good group of adults working, we can arrange video group meetings to discuss the readings and their use in homeschooling.

This course is open for enrollment and I have posted all of the course content.  I will post the assignments as students work their way through the lessons.

God bless your studies,

Mr. William C. Michael, Headmaster
Classical Liberal Arts Academy