Giving Attention to Classical Catholic Studies

Giving Attention to Classical Catholic Studies

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, I work to help parents provide their students with all that is needed for both the satisfaction of modern educational requirements and real classical Catholic education.

It is my intention to make modern studies available in the simplest and most efficient manner possible, so that we can "give to Caesar what is Caesar's", and reserve time and energy to make sure that we "give to God what is God's".  

The focus of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy is on classical Catholic studies.

Courses are marked "Core" on the course list that belong to this mission, and I encourage parents to work to make these core classical Catholic studies a priority in your children's education.

The Academy is growing rapidly and, God willing, will continue to do so.  My time and attention will be shared between common needs of all students and a small number of students with whom I work privately through tutoring.  The demand for my tutoring is greater than what I can provide and there will be competition for my tutoring spots, which is necessary and good for us.

Students who are committed to classical Catholic studies will be given priority in tutoring and students who are not pursuing classical Catholic studies, will be replaced by students who will.  

Moreover, students who do not make good use of tutoring meetings, but fail to complete tasks and come unprepared, will be replaced with students whom I believe will make better use of the opportunity and advance the Academy's mission.

I do not want the Classical Liberal Arts Academy to be a program that talks about restoring classical Catholic education and then has a thousand students studying Algebra and American History.  The Classical Liberal Arts Academy will be a program where students are studying the seven classical liberal arts from the ancient sources, reading Latin and Greek, studying classical Philosophy and learning Scholastic Theology.  

All students are welcome to study in the Academy and parents may choose whatever courses they please for their children.  I am very happy to make good courses available at affordable costs to homeschool families.  My attention, however, will be given to those students seeking a classical Catholic education, because my mission is to restore classical Catholic education and I cannot do that if students do not study the core arts and sciences.

This year, I will be devoting my evenings to the production of videos for our Greek, Latin, Reasoning, Rhetoric and Philosophy courses.  We have the potential to do great things this year.  I strongly encourage parents to support their children in these studies, that we may restore the standards of Catholic learning that were known among the saints and wise men throughout history.

God bless your studies,

Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy