Teach Your Children about Plagiarism

Teach Your Children about Plagiarism

by William Michael -
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Dear parents,

It is important to teach your children about plagiarism.

Plagiarism is the act of both stealing and lying, whereby one pretends that someone else's knowledge or work is his own.  

Plagiarism is not a crime, but it is immoral and will be punished by schools, universities and employers. Worse, it is a sin against God and against our neighbor.

In this generation, it is very easy for teachers to recognize plagiarized work.  The students who choose to plagiarize are usually students who don't study well, and teachers know the normal quality of their work.  Suddenly, an eloquent answer appears out of nowhere, and the teacher becomes suspicious.  A quick Google search will locate the source of the answer, and the plagiarism is proven.  It's too easy.

The greatest problem with plagiarism is that once a student is caught, a shadow is cast over all his past work and suspicions will arise whenever future work is submitted.  It is a stain that is very difficult for a student to recover from.

When caught plagiarizing, students should make sure to confess their fault and take care never to do so again.  

Students should always prove their mastery by answering questions in their own words, providing evidence of their knowledge from the lesson they are studying.

In the Classical Liberal Arts Academy, I will not allow a plagiarizing student to continue.  I will give a warning when a student is caught the first time, and the next time a student is caught, he will be suspended from studies.  

All of our studies should be pursued with and for God, always aware that our actions are in God's sight, with not even a thought hidden from Him.  We ought to learn to pray and seek grace in our studies, take our time and work at our own pace, and ask for help when needed.  Cheating makes no sense among Academy students.

Let us work to glorify God and not practice the dishonest ways of those who do not fear God.

God help us,

William C. Michael

Classical Liberal Arts Academy