Announcements 08/22/2022 (Important!)

Announcements 08/22/2022 (Important!)

by Mr. William Michael, O.P. -
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Dear friends,

Blessings.  I have a number of important announcements to make, so please read through this message carefully.

1.  Fall Term Begins Monday, September 12

I know that everyone is chomping at the bit to get started, but please remember tver ihat the Fall Term in the Classical Liberal Arts Academy begins the Monday, September 12th--and there's a reason for that.  We still have loads of summer work to finish before the new school year formally begins, we have to get our own three adult children off to college for the semester (this week), and then we will be able to settle down for Academy work until Christmas.   Please be patient as we prepare for the new year.

2. Slow Start This Week

This weekend, my wife and I attended our annual Dominican retreat and were not able to do our normal weekend work.  We are, therefore, behind in assignment grading and weekly lesson prep work.  We plan to get caught up over the course of this week, so please (again) be patient with us as we get through these "back to school" obstacles.  

3.  Premium Family Plan No Longer Available

As my tutoring schedule fills out, we are no longer able to offer the Premium Family Plan for new enrollments.  We only have a few spots left for individual students and cannot afford to offer any of the remaining slots at discounted rates.  Families already enrolled in the Premium Family Plan may continue as they are, but weekly tutoring sessions will be limited to three per family or one per student, whichever is fewer.

4.  Group Tutoring - Last Call

Last week, I announced that I was going to reserve a few of the remaining tutoring slots available for group tutoring opportunities.  While I have received several contacts expressing interest, there have been no enrollments received.  I will allow one more week for group tutoring enrollments and if there's no real interest, I'm opening these slots up for individual tutoring sessions.  Last call for group tutoring!

5. High School Diploma Program Ready to Go

The new Academy high school diploma program doesn't officially open until September, but we have had a good number of students get started with the program over the summer, and feedback has been very good.  The students have already buzzed through the first few weeks of classes and I'll be posting the content weekly throughout this school year.  Next year, God willing, I will publish the Sophomore year program and will continue until a complete 4 year diploma program is available.

6.  Don't Neglect Sacred Studies, Prayer and Sacraments

A common error in "classical education" and homeschooling in general is to give priority to secular rather than sacred studies.  Wisdom is obtained by learning that is enlightened by faith.  Students must be reading the divinely inspired Scriptures, praying daily, participating in the sacramental life of the Church, and learning the Catholic faith or they will not be able to progress in real classical Catholic studies.  I strongly recommend that all students be enrolled in our Daily Scripture Reading course and submit the assignments regularly.  I also strongly recommend that families study the Baltimore Catechism courses to learn the Catholic faith in a systematic way.  Most importantly, however, Catholic children must participate in the sacramental life of the Church, and homeschooling gives us the opportunity to attend Mass frequently, make Confession regularly, etc. Don't neglect the faith!  

I recommend that parents listen to my recent talk, " ".   

7.  What is Classical Education?

Due to the fake classical education movement, which started in the 1990s, there is a great deal of confusion among Christian families about "classical education".  I have published the free book "Understanding Classical Catholic Education" for parents, but have recently begun publishing videos in which I provide a critique of some videos which explain classical education falsely.  If you're uncertain what classical education actually is and are getting information from sources outside the CLAA, I recommend you watch these videos.

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God give you all a good week,

Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy