Vacation Reminder & Contact Info

Vacation Reminder & Contact Info

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

My family will be on vacation for the next few days, but I will be available and working most of the time, though in a much more pleasant environment than normal :).  

No one will be in the Academy office until Monday, so please call or text me on my mobile phone at: (980) 699-5575 or email me at  

I've allowed assignments to pile up as grading work is easily managed away from the office.  I should have all student work graded before the weekend.

It's been a grinding summer, but I am sure that after a few days away from the office, I'll be refreshed and ready for the Fall term.  I intend to be settling into my normal full-time schedule next Monday and working steadily (God willing) until Christmas.

God bless you all,
Mr. Michael

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Re: Vacation Reminder & Contact Info

by William Michael -
Update: I forgot that Saturday was my daughter Mary's birthday, so I'm running a day behind. God helping me, all assignments will be graded and recorded this evening. -WCM