New! Academy Community Support Forum

New! Academy Community Support Forum

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

I am always working to find ways to provide parents and students with the information and support needed.  It's also important, however, for parents and students to help one another.  This allows me to focus on the tasks that only I can do and, ideally, whenever I help a parent or student, they can help others with the help that they have received.

To make this possible, I have opened a new Academy Community support forum, where parents and students can post questions and respond to the questions of others.  This is built right into our existing Help Center, so it is easy to access any time.  All parents and students are welcome.

Mrs. Michael and I will also be active on the Community forums, but this is a discussion forum for everyone, so please make free use of it.  And remember, helping one another is a great way to help the Academy in general, and is greatly appreciated by all.

God bless you all,
Mr. Michael