Time to Decide on Premium Student Plan for 2022-2023

Time to Decide on Premium Student Plan for 2022-2023

by William Michael -
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Dear friends,

The Premium Student Plan provides students with free access to all Academy courses, online quizzes, assignment grading and live chat support.  

It's the best enrollment option we offer.

This plan, however, also provide students with a one hour tutoring session with me every week.  This limits the number of students who can be admitted to enroll with this plan.

Though it is still July, my schedule is filling up with tutoring meetings and I've already begun weekly meetings with students.  I expect that my schedule will be filled in August and I am sending this message as a notice to enrolled families who might be considering the Premium Student Plan to make your decision as soon as possible.  

If you are interested in enrolling more than two children in the Premium Student Plan, please know that the Premium Family Plan limits the cost at $250 per month.  There are special offers as well on the Academy Catalog, which you might be interested in.

I want to make sure parents who are already enrolled don't miss the opportunity to upgrade to these premium plans for the new school year.

God bless your studies,

Mr. William C. Michael
Classical Liberal Arts Academy